Language Learning and Deafness

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Februar 2007



A collection of original papers dealing with essential issues and research in the learning of language by deaf people.


Series editors' preface; Preface; Part I. Theoretical Issues: 1. Language varieties in the deaf population and their acquisition by children and adults Joseph H. Bochner and John A. Albertini; 2. American Sign Language and the human biological capacity for language James Paul Gee and Wendy Goodhart; 3. The history of language use in the education of the Deaf in the United States Mimi WheiPing Lou; 4. Sing language instruction and its implications for the Deaf Steven Fritsch Rudser; 5. A bilingual approach to the education of young deaf children: ASL and English Michael Strong; Part II. Research Reports: 6. An assessment of syntactic capabilities Gerald P. Berent; 7. Children's new sign creations Diane Lillo-Martin; 8. Linguistic and cultural role models for hearing-impaired children in elementary school programs James Woodward, Thomas Allen and Arthur Schildroth; 9. Acquiring linguistic and social identity: interactions of deaf children with a hearing teacher and a deaf adult Carol J. Erting; 10. Development of vocal and signed communication in deaf and hearing twins of deaf parents Martha Gonter Gaustad; 11. Questions and answers in the development of deaf children Hilde Schlesinger; Index.
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