Lactic Acid Bacteria

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For a long time, lactic acid bacteria have played an indispensable role in food production. This book provides an overview and recent findings on their genetics and biochemistry as well as possible applications. The development and use of non-pathogenic lactic acid bacteria in vaccine delivery systems for mucosal immunizations are discussed. Their role in food fermentation, their use in carbohydrate modification and key systems for proteolysis and lantibiotic production are treated in detail. Further, the transformation of organic wastes into food and fertilizers is covered. The volume contains a wealth of useful information and can serve both as an introduction to the field for beginners and as a reference book.


Genetic Engineering Strategies.- Progress in Genetic Research of Lactic Acid Bacteria.- Cloning and Expression Vectors for Lactococci.- Expression of Human and Murine Interleukins in Lactococcus lactis.- Lactic Acid Bacteria Involved in Food Fermentations and Their Present and Future Uses in Food Industry.- Probiotics of Lactic Acid Bacteria: Science or Myth?.- Use of Bacteriocin Producing Starters Advantageously in Dairy Industry.- Characteristics and Applications of Pediocin(s) of Pediococcus Acidilactici: Pediocin PA-l/AcH.- Polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Special Sugars and Enzymes via Leuconostoc Mesenteroides sp. Fermentations.- Role of Lactic Acid Fermentation in Bioconversion of Wastes.- Indigenous Lactic Acid Bacteria of Various Food Commodities and Factors Affecting Their Growth and Survival.- Fermentation Process for the Production of Lactic Acid.- Casein-Breakdown by Lactococcus lactis.- Mechanism of Nisin-induced Pore-formation.- Induction of Penicillin Resistance in S. thermophilus.- Kinetics of Food Processes Involving Pure or Mixed Cultures of Lactic Acid Bacteria.- The Stabilization of Biocatalytic Proteins Against Inactivation.


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