Label-Free Biosensor Methods in Drug Discovery

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April 2015



This volume explores label-free biosensors, advantageous in part because this technology bypasses the need of labels, reporters, and cell engineering, all of which are common to labeled techniques but may introduce artifacts in assay results. Addressing several fundamental and practical aspects as to how to implement label-free methods in the drug discovery process, this book covers a wide range of topics, including binding kinetics determination, fragment screening, antibody epitope mapping, protein-protein interaction profiling and screening, receptor pathway deconvolution, drug pharmacology profiling and screening, target identification, drug toxicity assessment, and physical phenotype profiling and diagnostics based on various cellular processes such as cell adhesion, migration, invasion, infection, and inflammation. As part of the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology series, chapters aim to provide key detail and implementation advice to aid with progress in the lab.Practical and thorough, Label-Free Biosensor Methods in Drug Discovery provides a new avenue for rapid access to a focused collection of highly regarded contributions in the field.


Part I: Review
1. Label-Free Technologies: Which Technique to Use and What to Watch Out For!
            Reena Halai and Matthew Cooper
2. Label-Free Cell Phenotypic Profiling and Screening: Techniques, Experimental Design, and Data Assessment
            Ye Fang
3. Surface Plasmon Resonance for Therapeutic Antibody Characterization
            S. Nicole Davidoff, Noah T. Ditto, Adam R. Miles, Josh Eckman, and Benjamin D. Brooks
4. Label-Free Cell-Based Biosensor Methods in Drug Toxicology Analysis
            Jie Zhou, Xianxin Qiu, and Ping Wang
Part II: Biochemical Profiling and Screening
5. Kinetics Characterization of Ligand-Receptor Interactions Using Oblique-Incidence Reflectivity Difference Method
            Shuang Liu, Guozhen Yang, Huibin Lu, and Heng Zhu
6. Label-Free Inhibition in Solution Assays for Fragment Screening
            Stefan Geschwindner
7. Silicon Photonic Micro-Ring Resonators for Drug Screening and Kinetic Analysis
            Muzammil Iqbal, Rufus W. Burlingame, Randy Romero, Annabel Wang, Tyler Grove, and Martin A. Gleeson
8. Optical Waveguide Light-Mode Spectroscopy for Ion Channel Profiling
            Inna Székács
Part III: Cell Phenotypic Profiling and Screening
9. Label-Free Profiling of Endogenous Receptor Responses in Primary Isolated Cardiac Cells
            Douglas G. Tilley, Ashley A. Repas, and Rhonda L. Carter
10. Surface Plasmon Resonance to Study Cell Signaling and GPCR Functional Selectivity in Live Cells
            Philippe Bourassa, Thomas Söllradl, Jean-Sébastien Maltais, Paul G. Charette, Louis Gendron, and Michel Grandbois
11. Triple-Addition Label-Free Assays for High Throughput Screening of Muscarinic M1 Receptor Agonists, Antagonists, and Allosteric Modulators
            Hannah J. Gitschier, Audrey B. Bergeron, David H. Randle, Caryn E. Bacon, Melvyn Baez, Peiyi Yang, Lisa M. Broad, Paul J. Goldsmith, Christian C. Felder, and Douglas A. Schober
12. Multiplexing Label-Free and Florescence-Based Methods for Pharmacological Characterization of GPCR Ligands
            Huailing Zhong, Xinyan Huang, and Dario Doller
13. Label-Free Cell Phenotypic Identification of Active Compounds in Traditional Chinese Medicines
            Xinmiao Liang, Jixia Wang, Xiuli Zhang, and Ye Fang
14. Use of the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring for Pharmacological Evaluation of Cell Signaling Pathways Mediated by Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors
            Jennifer Y. Chen, Marcela P. Garcia, Lynn S. Penn, and Jun Xi
15. Profiling Sodium-Dependent Phosphate Transporter NaPi-IIb with Resonant Waveguide Grating Biosensor
            Soo-Hang Wong, Alice Gao, and Paul H. Lee
16. Label-Free Impedance Measurements for Profiling Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity
            Filomain Nguemo, Judith Semmler, and Jürgen Hescheler
17. Digital Holographic Imaging for Label-Free Phenotypic Profiling, Cytotoxicity, and Chloride Channels Target Screening
            Benjamin Rappaz, Fabien Kuttler, Billy Breton, and Gerardo Turcatti
18. Label-Free Profiling of Cell Adhesion: Determination of the Dissociation Constant for Native Cell Membrane Adhesion Receptor-Ligand Interaction
            Norbert Orgovan, Beatrix Peter, Szilvia Bosze, Jeremy J. Ramsden, Bálint Szabó, and Robert Horvath
19. Label-Free Impedance-Based Monitoring of Cell Migration and Invasion
            Ridha Limame and Olivier De Wever
20. Infrared Surface Plasmon Spectroscopy Decodes Early Processes in Epithelial Host Cells Upon Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Infection
            Victor Yashunsky and Benjamin Aroeti
21. Surface Plasmon Resonance for Clinical Diagnosis of Type I Allergy
            Yuhki Yanase and Michihiro Hide

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