Knowledge Management

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The importance and value of tracking and sharing the dispersed knowledge resources of contemporary organizations have received widespread rec- nition in recent years. It is widely believed that with the transition from the industrial to information-based economies, organizational knowledge has emerged as the single most critical resource at both macro- and mic- levels. A major challenge for most organizations during this transition and beyond is to learn to deal with the intricacies of discovering knowledge from the vast amounts of data being generated, identifying pockets of - portant knowledge in various forms, to devise strategies and techniques to formalize parts that lend themselves to codification, and to nurture tech- cal and other solutions with which useful knowledge can be shared among relevant participants. This has the potential to produce greater knowledge utilization leading to multiplier effects in organizational performance. This calls for an approach in which both the organizational and technological dimensions of the challenge are better understood and effectively integ- ted. The papers included in this volume were selected from a collection of papers presented at an invitation-only workshop entitled 'Knowledge - nagement (KM) and the Global Firm: Organizational and Technological Dimensions' held at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia in February 2003. The workshop was made possible by a generous grant from the Carnegie Bosch Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Pit- burgh, USA.


Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations.
Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations, Emerging Directions.
Knowledge Management: Why Learning from the Past Is Not Enough!.
A Sensemaking Theory of Knowledge in Organizations and Its Application.
Knowledge Management: Empirical Perspectives.
Knowledge Creation in Organizations: A Multiple Study Overview.
Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer in Strategic Alliances.
Knowledge Management and Indian Industrialization.
Social Capital: The Driver for Corporate Success in the Knowledge Era.
Knowledge Management: Practitioner Perspectives.
The Intellectual Division of Labor.
The Significance of Knowledge Management for a Large Company.
Knowledge Sharing Through Storytelling.
Knowledge Management Experiences: India's Light Combat Aircraft.
Integrating eLearning and Knowledge Management.


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