Knowledge and Technology Integration in Production and Services

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Knowledge and Technology Integration in Production and Services presents novel application scenarios for balanced distributed and integrated systems based on knowledge and up-to-date technology and provides a great opportunity for discussion of concepts, models, methodologies, technological developments, case studies, new research ideas, and other results among specialists. It comprises the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Technology for BALANCED AUTOMATION SYSTEMS in Manufacturing and Services (BASYS'02), which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and held in September 2002 in Cancun, Mexico.


Technical Co-Sponsors. Program Committee. Preface. Part 1: Systems Interoperability And Enterprise Modeling. 1. Methods And Tools For Constraint Based Information Integration; S. Kleiner, R. Anderl. 2. Feature Driven Associative Part And Machining Process Models; L. Horváth, et al. 3. Modelling Of An Alstom Electrical Engine Manufacturing Line According To Process Approach Advocated By Standard ISO9000:2000; B. Iung, et al. 4. Implicit Hierarchical Meta-Modeling. In Search Of Flexible Inter-Operability For Manufacturing And Business Systems; R. Jardim-Gonçalves, A. Steiger-Garção. 5. An Activity-Based Model Of Concurrent Engineering System; G.D. Putnik, A.J.C. Pithon. 6. Self-Governing Production Groups: Towards Requirements For IT Support; P.H. Carstensen, K. Schmidt. 7. Developing A Web Scheduling System Based On XML Modeling; L.R. Varela, J.N. Aparício, S.C. Silva. 8. A Flexible Flow Shop Modelling As A Distributed Production System; R.M. Lima, S.C. Silva. 9. Simulation Services For Training Of Plant Operators; G. Schreck. 10. Support For B2B E-Contracting - The Process Perspective; S. Angelov, P. Grefen. 11. A Service Interface Definitions Catalogue For Virtual Enterprises In Tourism; C. Garita, et al. Part 2: Networked Enterprising. 12. Dynamic Virtual Organizations, Or Not So Dynamic? L.M. Camarinha-Matos, H. Afsarmanesh. 13. Considerations On Secure FIPA Compliant Agent Architecture; T. Vlcek, J. Zach. 14. A Review On Environments Supporting Virtual Enterprise Integration; M.M. Cunha, et al. 15.E-Services For Virtual Enterprise Brokerage; R. Mejía, et al. 16. Competitor Based Strategic Networks Of SME; M. Pouly, et al. 17. Relationship Management In Enterprise Networks; A. Zwegers, et al. 18. Evaluation Of Organizational Structure In Emergency From The Viewpoint Of Communication; S. Nishida, et al. 19. Workflow History Management In Virtual Healthcare Enterprise; T. Amin, P.H. Keng. 20. Configuring Of Supply Chain Networks Based On Constraint Satisfaction, Genetic And Fuzzy Game Theoretic Approaches; A.V. Smirnov, et al. 21. Quantitative Integration Of The Analytical Hierarchical Process And Virtual Enterprise Model To Support Manager Decisions; G. Confessore, et al. 22. Performance Measurement In Virtual Organizations; R. Hieber, et al 23. An Analysis On Game Theoretic Negotiation Dynamism Based On Multi-Agent Paradigm In Virtual Enterprise; T. Kaihara, S. Fujii. Part 3: Multi-Agent And Holonic Manufacturing. 24. IEC 61499 Architecture, Engineering Methodologies And Software Tools; J.H. Christensen. 25. A Low-Cost Experimental System And Engineering Methodology For IEC 61499 Applications; H. Tsunematsu, et al. 26. Platforms For Scalable Flexible Automation Considering The Concepts Of IEC 61499; W. E. Rumpl, et al. 27. Managing Fault Monitoring And Recovery In Distributed Real-Time Control Systems; R. W. Brennan, D.H. Norrie. 28. An Agent-Based Approach Towards The Design Of Industrial Holonic Control Systems; B. Suessmann, et al. 29. A Holonic Control Approach For Distributed Manufacturing; P. Leitão, F. Restivo.
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