Kinship and Demographic Behavior in the Past

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April 2008



Intergenerational research is crucial in understanding long term demographic trends. This book examines the ways kinship affects demographic behavior, including mortality patterns to determine the influence of fertility patterns, the contribution of parents' longevity, and the affects of a family history of disease. It emphasizes the importance of studies that include and compare other factors related to social organization with information on multi-generational families.


Acknowledgements: Tommy Bengtsson and Geraldine P. Mineau,-Introduction: Tommy Bengtsson and Geraldine P. Mineau,- Part I: Family and kin as immediate providers of well-being for its members,- 1: Marriage and the kin network: Evidence from a 19th-century Italian community: Matteo Manfredini and Marco Breschi,- 2: Mortality in the family of origin and its effects on marriage partner selection in a Flemish village, 18th-20th centuries: Bart Van de Putte, Koen Matthijs, and Robert Vlietinck,- 3: Villages, descent groups, households, and individual outcomes in rural Liaoning, 1789-1909: Cameron Campbell and James Lee,- Part II: The importance of family and kin over the life-course,- 4: The presence of parents and childhood survival: The passage of social time and differences by social class: Frans Van Poppel and Ruben Van Gallen,- 5: When do kinsmen really help? Examination of cohort and parity-specific kin effects on fertility behavior. Case of the Bejsce parish register reconstitution study, 17-20th centuries, Poland: Krzysztof Tymicki,- 6: Places of life events as bequestable wealth. Familial territory and migration in France, 19th and 20th centuries: Lionel Kesztenbaum,- 7: Family effects on mortality in older ages, Southern Sweden, 1829-1894: Tommy Bengtsson and Göran Broström,- Part III: Kinship as a marker of genetic proximity,- 8: The influence of consanguineous marriage on reproductive behavior and early mortality in northern coastal Sweden, 1780-1899: Inez Egerbladh and Alan Bittles,- 9: Post-reproductive longevity in a natural fertility population: Alain Gagnon et al,- 10: Familial aggregation of elderly cause-specific mortality: Analysis of extended pedigrees in Utah, 1904-2002: Richard Kerber et al,- 11: Distant kinship and founder effects in the Quebec population: Marc Tremblay et al.
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