Killer Commodities: Public Health and the Corporate Production of Harm

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Juli 2008



Killer Commodities addresses the impact of harmful products on consumers throughout the world. These case studies highlight the processes of production and marketing of these products, as well as the nature of relevant public health policies.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Hidden Harm: The Complex World of Killer Commodities Chapter 2 Stealthy Killers and Governing Mentalities: Chemicals in Consumer Products Chapter 3 Nothing to Play Around With: Dangerous Toys for Girls and Boys Chapter 4 The Environmental and Health Consequences of Motor Vehicles: A Case Study in Capitalist Technological Hegemony and Grass-Roots Responses to It Chapter 5 Lay Me Down to Sleep: SIDS, Suffocation, and the Selling of Risk Reduction Chapter 6 Melanoma Whitewash: Millions at Risk of Injury or Death because of Sunscreen Deceptions Chapter 7 Building with Poison: Toxicity and CCA-treated Lumber Chapter 8 U.S. Health Care: Commodification Kills Chapter 9 Silicone Seduction: Are Cosmetic Breast Implants Killer Commodities? Chapter 10 Selling Sickness/Creating Demand: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs Chapter 11 Deadly Embrace: Psychoactive Medication, Psychiatry, and the Pharmaceutical Industry Chapter 12 A Guinea Pig's Wage: Risk and Commoditization in Pharmaceutical Research in America Chapter 13 Corrosion in the System: The Community Health By-Products of Pharmaceutical Production in Northern Puerto Rico Chapter 14 Inverting the Killer Commodity Model: Withholding Medicines from the Poor Chapter 15 Conclusion: Killer Commodities and Society: Fighting for Change


Merrill Singer is a senior researcher at the Center for Health, Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) and a professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut, as well as a research affiliate of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA) at Yale University. Hans Baer is lecturer in the School of Anthropology, Geography, and Environmental Studies and the Centre for Health and Society at the University of Melbourne


Singer and call for more consumer advocacy and less deregulation of industry, as well as a balance between regulatory agencies and industries. They point out that some industries may have too much oversight, that is, monitored by several agencies, which obscures jurisdiction. Somatosphere, December, 2009 The case studies provide forays into particular cultures of production, consumption, and regulation. These forays, with their implicit and explicit policy suggestions, give the volume its strength. Highly recommended. CHOICE, July 2009
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