Key Issues in Hunter-Gatherer Research

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Hunter-gatherer research has experienced enormous expansion over the past three decades. In the late 1950s less than a score of anthropologists were actively engaged in issue-oriented studies of foraging populations. Since then, the number of active researchers has grown into the hundreds. This book offers the most up-to-date anthology of papers on hunter-gatherer research and contains possibly the most comprehensive bibliography on hunter-gatherers ever published. It will be essential reading for all students of hunter-gatherer societies.


1. Territories and Territoriality
2. Hunter Affluence?
3. Social Stratification
4. Culture Contact and Change
5. Government Intervention
6. Native Perspectives
7. Whither?


Ernest S Burch Research Associate in Anthropology,The Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC Linda J Ellanna Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks


'... [the book is] solidly researched and fresh and original in substance and analysis, both returning to old questions and raising new ones. - Current Anthropology'This edited volume, which compiles a rich selection of papers...represents a significant addition to the now well established field of hunter-gatherer studies.'Oceania'Besides presenting substantial case study articles, this CHAGS issue finally addresses unavoidable problems we are now facing to ensure the continuity of research and its related scholar intellectual tradition concerning hunter-gatherer societies. Stronger connections to mainstream anthroplogy research objects, as well as new, updated, more realistic research strategies about 'exotic' small scale societies are scrutinized with care for the first time. We may therefore expect this book to become an indispensible piece of information to size the balance and perspectives in the field study of hunter-gatherer societies.'Etudes
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