Jonathan Swift: A Collection of Critical Essays

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Juli 1994



A collection of critical essays reflecting both older and newer perspectives. Contains an introduction by the editor (a respected scholar in the field), a chronology of the author's life, and an annotated bibliography.


SATIRE AND THE NOVEL. 1. John Lawlor, Radical Satire and the Realistic Novel. TWO VIEWS OF PERSONAE. 2. Claude Rawson, Order and Cruelty. 3. Robert C. Elliott, Swift's Satire: Rules of the Game. ANCIENTS AND MODERNS: A TALE OF A TUB. 4. Michael Seidel, Fathers and Sons: Swift's A Tale of a Tub. 5. Marcus Walsh, Text, "Text" , and Swift's A Tale of a Tub. 6. John F. Tinkler, The Splitting of Humanism: Bentley, Swift, and the English Battle of the Books. POEMS. 7. Cristine Rees, Gay, Swift, and the Nymphs of Drury- Lane. 8. Richard Feingold, Swift as a Lyricist: The Poems to Stella and His Career in Satire. 9. Penelope Wilson, Feminism and the Augustans: Some Readings and Problems. POLITICS. 10. Ian Higgins, Swift's Politics: A Preface to Gulliver's Travels. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. 11. Michael McKeon, Parables of the Younger Son: Swift and the Containment of Desire. 12. Douglas Lane Patey, Swift's Satire on "Science" and the Structure of Gulliver's Travels. 13. Jenny Mezciems, The Unity of Swift's "Voyage to Laputa" : Structure as Meaning in Utopian Fiction. 14. A.D. Nuttall, Gulliver Among the Horses. IRELAND. 15. Oliver W. Ferguson, The Last Proposals. Chronology of Important Dates. Notes on Contributors. Bibliography.
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