Iteration Theory and its Functional Equations

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Dezember 1985



On some properties of an absorptive area and a chaotic area for an R2-endomorphism.
A functional equation for the embedding of a homeomorphism of the interval into a flow.
On the bifurcation between a chaotic area of TK and a chaotic area of T.
On the definitions of attractors.
Functional equations connected with peculiar curves.
Iteration and analytic classification of local diffeomorphisms of ??.
On pseudo-processes and their extensions.
The pilgerschritt transform in lie algebras.
Product-integration and one-parameter subgroups of linear lie-groups.
The perturbative method for discrete processes and its physical application.
Itineraries under unimodal maps.
Cauchy functional equation on a restricted domain and commuting functions.
On a criterion of iteration in rings of formal power series.
Rotation sequences and bifurcations structure of one-dimensional endomorphisms.
Chaos almost everywhere.
Iterations and logarithms of automorphisms of complete local rings.
On a differential equation arising in iteration theory in rings of formal power series in one variable.
Long line attractors.
Properties of invariant curves near a known invariant curve.
Normal forms for systems of formal power series commuting in pairs and iteration problems.
On increasing iteration semigroups of multi-valued functions.
Plant growth as an iteration process.
Phantom iterates of continuous functions.
Competition between attractive cycle and strange attractor.
On the relation between orbits of an iteration semigroup and the orbits of the embedded mappings.
On embedding of homeomorphisms of the circle in a continuous flow.
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