Italians to America, Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports: Passengers Arriving at New York, April 1901-September 1901

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Italians to America provides both genealogists and researchers of family history with the first extensive, indexed source of Italian surname immigrants. This entire project was planned to span the years 1850 through 1893, but now the series has been extended. The series reproduces information from the original passenger lists filed by all vessels entering U.S. ports from abroad. Ships that departed from Italian ports or carried passengers who declared themselves to be of Italian origin are included, with first and last names, age, sex, occupation, and province and village of origin (whenever available) provided for each emigrant. A complete index of names is included at the end of every volume. Italians to America may be ordered by individual volume. Standing orders, which receive a 10% discount, are also welcomed.


Ira Glazier, who passed away in May of 2011, is the former Director of The Center for Migration Research at The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies and Immigration, and the former director of for The Battery Conservancy in New York. The late P. William Filby served for many years as the director of the Maryland Historical Society.


Volumes 1 through 16 of Italians to America covered immigration for the period January 1880 to April 1901. Now with these two latest volumes, researches can obtain information on Italian immigrants through March 1902. As in the previous books, the names of the immigrants are found in an alphabetical every-name index, which contains the page number in the volume where the passenger may be found. (The bulk of each volume consists of passenger lists.) The age, sex, occupation, village and destination of the immigrant, as well as the name of the ship, its port of departure, port of arrival, and date of arrival are also found there. The occupation, village, and destination appear in coded form. Consulting the tables at the beginning of the volumes will demystify these occupation, village, and destination codes. St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly These will be useful in comprehensive genealogical collections and also in those collections that are interested in migration patterns. American Reference Books Annual ...a tremendous breakthrough for people tracing Italian excellent background regarding Italian emigrants from 1881 through 1915...Some people may ignore this series and rely on the Ellis Island Web site. That would be a mistake...Dr. Glazier's addition of books to this series is a wonderful complement to the Ellis Island Web site. National Genealogical Society Quarterly The data on Italian immigrants contained in the text is derived from the original ship manifest schedules, currently housed at the Temple-Balch Institute's Center for Immigrant Research. The passenger lists reproduced in the text are grouped in chronological order by date of arrival; they include each passenger's name, age, gender, occupation, residence in Italy and destination in the U.S. The passenger lists are preceded by an introductory essay on the history of Italian immigration to the U.S., and followed by an index of entries by passenger name. Reference and Research Book News
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