Italians to America: December 1899 - May 1900: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports

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April 2001



Italians to America is the first indexed reference work devoted to Italian immigrants to the United States. This series contains passenger list information in chronological order on the first major wave of Italian migration during the last two decades of the nineteenth century. As with the highly regarded companion series on German immigrants, Italians to America presents the passenger lists in chronological order, including information on each person's age, sex, occupation, village of origin, and destination, plus the name of the ship, the port of embarkation and the date of arrival. Each volume also contains an introduction on the history of Italian migration to the U.S. and a full name index, greatly simplifying the researcher's job.


Ira Glazier, who passed away in May of 2011, is the former Director of The Center for Migration Research at The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies and Immigration, and the former director of for The Battery Conservancy in New York. The late P. William Filby served for many years as the director of the Maryland Historical Society.


For those who are tracing their Italian heritage or conducting statistical studies of Italian America, this series is a welcomed source. National Genealogical Society Quarterly
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