Issues in Finance and Industry: Essays in Honour of Ajit Singh

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Oktober 2008



With contributions from a wide range of experts, this volume presents an overview of contemporary issues in the financial and industrial sectors. This book is an essential read for all scholars and policymakers interested in the current issues facing finance and industry, as well as those who have followed Ajit Singh's life and works.


A Letter to Ajit from the Prime Minister of India;
M.Singh Foreword;
M.Scherer Introduction: Ajit Singh;
P.Arestis &
J.Eatwell Principles versus Rules;
J.Eatwell Finance and Growth in Developing Countries: Sound Principles and Unreliable Evidence;
V.Fitzgerald Micro-finance, Macro-finance, and Egalitarian Development;
R.Pollin Financial Liberalization: The Current State of Play;
P.Arestis &
M.Sawyer Global Financial Regulation Versus the Engines of Financial Instability;
R.Wade The Developmental Potential and Political Economy of Private Remittances: What do we Know? What do we Need to Know?;
I.Grabel Ownership, Institutions and Technological Intensities: Automotive and Electronics Component Firms in East Asia;
R.Rasiah Competition and Industrial Rates of Return;
A.Shaikh Accounting for Business Combinations;
G.Meeks &
G.Whittington Takeovers after 'Takeovers';
A.Cosh &
A.Hughes Ajit Singh Publications


ANDY COSH Assistant Director, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, UK
VALPY FITZGERALD Professor of International Development, Oxford University; Professorial Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford; Head, Department of International Development, Oxford University, UK
ILENE GRABEL Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, USA
ALAN HUGHES Director, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, UK
GEOFF MEEKS Professor of Financial Accounting, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK
ROBERT POLLIN Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA
RAJAH RASIAH University of Malaya, Malaysia
MALCOLM SAWYER Professor of Economics at Leeds University Business School, UK
ANWAR SHAIKH Professor, Department of Economics, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, USA
ROBERT H. WADE Professor of Political Economy and Development, Development Studies Institute (DESTIN), London School of Economics (LSE), UK
GEOFF WHITTINGTON Research Associate, Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK
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