Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture

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Juli 2007



This collection explores popular culture in Ireland and Ireland in popular culture, from Fanfic to Orange Parades; from boybands to the Blessed Virgin Mary; from celebrity tourism to the Gaelic Athletic Association. The essays examine local and global Irishness, focusing on how gender, sexuality and race shape Irish 'postmodernity'.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction PART I: Race Not Irish Enough? Masculinity and Ethnicity in The Wire and Rescue Me; Gerardine Meaney Reading and Writing Race in Ireland: Roddy Doyle and Metro Eireann; Maureen T.Reddy Marching, Minstrelsy, Masquerade: Parading White Loyalist Masculinity as 'Blackness'; Suzanna Chan 'Is it for the Glamour?': Masculinity, Nationhood and Amateurism in Contemporary Projections of the Gaelic Athletic Association; Mike Cronin PART II: Space 'Our Nuns are not a Nation': Politicizing the Convent in Irish Literature and Film; Elizabeth Butler Cullingford Fanfic in Ireland: No Country, No Sex, No Money, No Name; Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka Widening the Frame: the Politics of Mural Photography in Northern Ireland; Kathryn Conrad Tracking the Luas between the Human and the Inhuman; Wanda Balzano & Jefferson Holdridge PART III: Diaspora Cinematic Constructions of Irish Musical Ethnicity; Christopher Smith St Patrick's Day Expulsions: Race and Homophobia in New York's Parade; Katherine O'Donnell Fantasy, Celebrity and 'Family Values' in High-end and Special Event Tourism in Ireland; Diane Negra A Mirror up to Irishness: Hollywood Hard Men and Witty Women; Claire Bracken & Emma Radley PART IV: Aporia 'Let's Get Killed': Culture and Peace in Northern Ireland; Colin Graham Boyz to Men: Irish Boy Bands and Mothering the Nation; Moynagh Sullivan Quare Theory; Noreen Giffney Camping up the Emerald Aisle: 'Queerness' in Irish Popular Culture; Anne Mulhall Index


CLAIRE BRACKEN IRCHSS doctoral candidate, School of English, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
ELIZABETH BUTLER CULLINGFORD Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor in English Literature and University Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas, Austin, USA
SUZANNA CHAN Research Associate, School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, UK
KATHRYN CONRAD Associate Professor of English, University of Kansas, USA
MIKE CRONIN Academic Director of the Centre for Irish Programs, Boston College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
NOREEN GIFFNEY Faculty of Arts Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Social Justice, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
COLIN GRAHAM lectures in English at NUI, Maynooth, Republic of Ireland
JEFFERSON HOLDRIDGE teaches Irish literature in the English Department at Wake Forest University, USA
AINTZANE LEGARRETA MENTXAKA IRCHSS doctoral candidate, School of English, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
GERARDINE MEANEY Director, Institute for Irish Studies, University College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
DIANE NEGRA Senior Lecturer, School of Film and Television Studies, University of East Anglia, UK
KATHERINE O'DONNELL Head of Women's Studies, School of Social Justice, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
EMMA RADLEY Doctoral candidate and teacher at the School of English, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
MAUREEN T. REDDY Professor of English and Women's Studies, Rhode Island College, USA
CHRISTOPHER SMITH Associate Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology and Director of the Vernacular Music Center, Texas Tech University, USA


'The 'new Ireland' so often made the subject of political commentary and economic reports still wants for engaged critical commentary. Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture theorises Celtic Tiger Ireland in all its cultural complexity. A fresh, lively and challenging collection.' - Claire Connolly, Cardiff University 'This remarkable collection of essays robustly displays the exciting diversity of contemporary Irish studies' engagement with global popular culture. Interrogating gender, genre, race, space, and migration, this volume brilliantly reassesses the Irish academy's ideological and theoretical commitments.' - Professor Cheryl Herr, Department of English, University of Iowa
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