Intertexts: Reading Pedagogy in College Writing Classrooms

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November 2002



Addresses the question, "What place does reading have in the college writing classroom?" Brings together compositionists engaged in teaching writing, criticism, and technology to re-think the separation of reading and writing and to re-theorize reading/P>


Contents: Preface. Part I: Culture. M. Helmers, Representing Reading: An Introduction to the Difficulties of Discipline. K. McCormick, Closer Than Close Reading: Historical Analysis, Cultural Analysis, and Symptomatic Reading in the Undergraduate Classroom. L. Rand, Reading as a Site of Spiritual Struggle. Part II: Theory. N.L. Christiansen, The Master Double Frame and Other Lessons From Classical Education. P. Harkin, J.J. Sosnoski, Whatever Happened to Reader-Response Criticism? C.A. Hill, Reading the Visual in College Writing Classes. Part III: Classroom. M. Cornis-Pope, A. Woodlief, The Rereading/Rewriting Process: Theory and Collaborative, Online Pedagogy. M.A. Cain, G. Kalamaras, (Re)Reading and Writing Genres of Discourse: Creative Writing as General Education. M.R. Salvatori, Reading Matters for Writing. D. Bauer, Afterword.
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