Internationalizing Higher Education

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Globalization is a multifaceted phenomenon, and one of its major components is the internationalization of education. The increasing pace and complexity of global knowledge flows, and the accelerating exchange of educational ideas, practices and policies, are important drivers of globalization. Higher Education is a key site for these flows and exchanges. This book casts a critical eye on the internationalization of higher education. It peels back taken-for-granted practices and beliefs, explores the gaps and silences in current pedagogy and practices, and addresses the ambiguities, tensions and contradictions in internationalization. In this volume, scholars from a range of disciplines and regions critically examine the co modification of higher education, teaching and support for international students, international partnerships for aid and trade, and the impacts on academics' work.


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Series Editor's Foreword
Introduction: Critical Engagement with Internationalization of Higher Education. Peter Ninnes and Meeri Hellstén
1. Enabling Transnational Learning Communities: Policies, Pedagogies, and Politics of Educational Power. Michael Singh.-
2. Knowledge in the Marketplace: The Global Commodification of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Rajani Naidoo and Ian Jamieson.-
3. How the West is Done: Simulating Western Pedagogy in a Curriculum for Asian International Students. Catherine Doherty and Parlo Singh.-
4. Hanging Together Even with Non-Native Speakers: The International Student Transition Experience. Anne Presscot and Meeri Hellstén.-
5. Internationalizing Chinese Higher Education: A Case Study of a Major Comprehensive University. Rui Yang.-
6. Internationalization of Australian Higher Education: A Critical Review of Literature and Research. Grant Harman.-
7. Higher Education Engaging with the 'Developing' World: The Case of the Virtual Colombo Plan. Peter Ninnes.-
8. The Viability of Aid Scholarship-Funded Study in Australian Universities: The Case of Indonesia. Pam Nilan.-
9. Managerialism, Internationalization, Taylorization and the Deskilling of Academic Work: Evidence from an Australian University, Jan Schapper and Susan Mayson.-
10. International Policy Convergence in Higher Education: An Analysis from the Periphery. Katarina Tuinamuana
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Peter Ninnes is Coordinator of the Centre for Research on Education in Context at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia. His research interests include comparative and international education, the cultural politics of education, and education in post-conflict societies. He is currently President of the Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society.
Meeri Hellstén is a lecturer in education at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Her research interests are cross-cultural and comparative education, socio-cultural and identity issues in education, e-learning pedagogies, and effective teaching and learning in higher education. She convenes and teaches on a large undergraduate unit in educational psychology.

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