International Views on Disability Measures: Moving Toward Comparative Measurement

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April 2006



As a voluntary organization of National Statistical Office representatives, the Washington Group addresses problems in statistical methods associated with the measurement of disability. This volume features papers which reflect a sampling of the work done by the Washington Group to address disability, an important public health problem.


Introduction: Measuring Disability in the International Community. (B.M. Altman). Section 1: Background. The Washington Group: Origin and Purpose. (B.M. Altman). Survey Measurement of Disability: A Review of International Activities and Recommendations. (G.E. Hendershot). Cultural Beliefs and Practices that Influence the Type and Nature of Data Collected on Individuals with Disability through National Census. (N. Groce). Reflections on Disability Language and the ICIDH/ICF. (Y. Andersson). Section 2: Country Specific Experiences. Review of Practices in Less Developed Countries on the Collection of Disability Data. (A. Me, M. Mbogoni). Production, Dissemination and Utilisation of Disability Statistics in Uganda. (H. Namirembe-Nviiri). Paradigms Lost: The Changing Face of Disability in Research. (M.E. Loeb, A.H. Eide). People with Disability in Brazil: A Look at 2000 Census Results. (A. Bercovich). Monitoring People with Disabilities: The Italian Experience. (R. Crislesi, E. De Palma). Section 3: Methodological Issues. Testing a Disability Question for the Census. (K. Black). Participation and Environment: Out of the Melting Pot and into...? (R. Madden). The Impact of Assistive Device Use on Disability Measurement. (E.K. Rasch, B.M. Altman, J.H. Madans). Disability Measurement Matrix: A Tool for the Coordination of Measurement Purpose and Instrument Development. (B.M. Altman, E. Rasch, J. Madans).
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