International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments

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April 2006



The International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments was developed to explore Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's), and their relationships with digital, in real life and virtual worlds. The book is divided into four sections: Foundations of Virtual Learning Environments; Schooling, Professional Learning and Knowledge Management; Out-of-School Learning Environments; and Challenges for Virtual Learning Environments. The coverage ranges across a broad spectrum of philosophical perspectives, historical, sociological, political and educational analyses, case studies from practical and research settings, as well as several provocative "classics" originally published in other settings.


I Foundations of Virtual Learning Environments. 1 Rethinking the Virtual; N.C. Burbules. 2 A History of E-learning: Shift Happened; L. Harasim 3 Towards Philosophy of Technology in Education: Mapping the Field; M. Peters 4 A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late 20th Century; D. Haraway 5 Teaching and Transformation: Donna Haraway's 'A Manifesto for Cyborgs' and Its Influence in Computer-Supported Composition Classrooms; E. Smith and C.L. Selfe 6 The Political Economy of the Internet: Contesting Capitalism, the Spirit of Informationalism, and Virtual Learning Environments; J. Hunsinger 7 The Influence of ASCII on the Construction of Internet-Based Knowledge; J. Nolan 8 Interaction, Collusion, and the Human-Machine Interface; M. Ito, S. Arnold 9 Technological Transformation, Multiple Literacies, and the Re-visioning of Education; D. Kellner 10 Cyberpedagogy; C. Luke 11 Re-situating Constructionism; J.W. Maxwell II Schooling, Professional Learning and Knowledge Management. 12 Realizing the Internet's Educational Potential; J.W. Schofield 13 Virtual Schools: Reflections on Key Issues; G. Russell 14 Time, Space, and Virtuality: The Role of Virtual Learning Environments in Time and Spatial Structuring; R.S. Brown and J. Weiss 15 Motivational Perspectives on Students' Responses to Learning in Virtual Learning Environments; M. Ainley and C. Armatas 16 User Adaptation in Supporting Exploration Tasks in Virtual Learning Environments; Kinshuk, T. Lin and A. Patel 17 Collaborative Text-Based Virtual Learning Environments; R.J. Robbins-Sponaas and J. Nolan 18 Designing Virtual Learning Environments for Academic Language Development; E. Skourtou, V. Kourtis-Kazoullis and J. Cummins 19 Inclusive E-learning; J. Treviranus and V. Roberts 20 Displacing Student-Teacher Equilibrium in Virtual Learning Environments; J. Black 21 Rural South African Teachers 'Move Home' in an Online Ecology;E. Henning 22 Virtual Communities of Practice; K. Hibbert and S. Rich 23 Reluctant Internet Intellectuals: Challenging the Public and Professional Value of Research in Teacher Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs); L. Korteweg and J. Mitchell 24 On Higher Education; B. Pauling 25 Technology and Culture in Online Education: Critical Reflections on a Decade of Distance Learning; T.W. Luke 26 A Global Perspective on Political Definitions of E-learning: Commonalities and Differences in National Educational Technology Strategy Discourses; Y. Zhao, J. Lei, and P.F. Conway 27 An Overview of Virtual Learning Environments in the Asia-Pacific: Provisos, Issues, and Tensions; D. Hung, D.-T. Chen, and A.F.L. Wong 28 Global Online Education; S. McCarty, B. Ibrahim, B. Sedunov, and R. Sharma 29 Global Virtual Organizations for Online Educator Empowerment; N. Bowskill, R. Luke and S. McCarty 30 An Online Journal as a Virtual Learning Environment: The Case of the Teachers College Record; G. Natriello and M. Rennick 31 Professional Development & Knowledge Management via Virtual Spaces; N. Hara and R. Kling III Out-Of-School Virtual Learning Environments. 32 Cemeteries, Oak Trees, and Black and White Cows: Newcomers' Understandings of the Networked World; V.L. O'Day, M. Ito, A. Adler, C. Linde, and E.D. Mynatt 33 The eLibrary and Learning; P. Brophy 34 Beyond Museum Walls: An Exploration of the Origins and Futures of Web-Based, Museum Education Outreach; K. Sumption 35 Genealogical Education: Finding Internet-Based Educational Content for Hobbyist Genealogists; K. Veale 36 Downtime on the Net: The Rise of Virtual Leisure Industries; J. Cook 37 Education, Gaming, and Serious Play; S. De Castell and J. Jenson 38 E-learning Environments for Health Care: Advantages, Risks, and Implications; M. Murero 39 E-Democracy: Media-Liminal Space in the Era of Age Compression; M. Balnaves, L. Walsh, and B. Shoesmith 40 Virtual Memorial as
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