International Environmental Law Reports

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Volume 1 includes a number of very early national decisions considered important in the development of international environmental law, whether because they were the background against which international decisions were shaped or because they are often referred to in commentaries and textbooks but are not widely available in English. Other decisions are included in Volume 1 because they are illustrative of national views of the content and direction of international law in this domain at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Preface; Editorial note; Members of editorial advisory board; Table of abbreviations; Tables of Cases; Digest headings; Digest of Cases; Table of treaties; Table of national legislation; Part I. Decisions of International Tribunals: 1. Helmand River Case (Afghanistan/Persia); 2. San Juan River Case (Costa Rica/Nicaragua); 3. Costa Rica v Nicaragua; Behring Sea Fur-Seals Case (Great Britain/United States of America); 4. North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Case (Great Britain/United States of America); 5. Island of Palmas Case (Netherlands/United States of America); 6. Case relating to the territorial jurisdiction of the international commission of the river Oder (Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain/Poland); 7. Diversion of water from the Meuse Case (Netherlands v Belgium); 8. Trail Smelter Case (Canada/United States of America); 9. Lake Lanoux Case (France/Spain); 10. Gut Dam Case (Canada/United States of America); Part II. Decisions of National Tribunals: 11. Lethia River Case; 12. Donauversinkung Case (Wurttemberg and Prussia v Baden); 13. Societe Energie Electrique du Littoral Mediterraneen v Compagnia Imprese Elettriche; 14. Liguri; Solothurn v Aargau, Aargau v Solothurn; 15. Missouri v Illinois and the Sanitary District of Chicago; 16. Kansas v Colorado; 17. Georgia v Tennessee Copper Company and Duckdown Sulphur, Copper and Iron Company Ltd; 18. New York v New Jersey; 19. New Jersey v City of New York; Appendices; Index.
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