International Businesses and the Challenges of Poverty in the Developing World: Case Studies on Global Responsibilities and Practices

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April 2004



We live in a globally interconnected but economically divided world where internationally linked businesses can play a significant role in helping and/or obstructing the development of impoverished countries. Through a series of case studies, this volume examines what can be learned, both positively and critically, from the experiences of selected internationally connected firms in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Vietnam, Guyana, and the Nunavik region of northern Canada. This book begins with a set of reflections on the strategies firms might adopt so that they develop both their own assets as well as those of the areas in which they operate. A team of more than two dozen researchers from the developed and developing countries conducted the research on which the essays on this and subsequent volumes are based. Dr Frederick Bird from Concordia University in Montreal directed the overall research project.


F.Bird &
S.Herman Ethical Reflections on the Challenges Facing International Businesses in Developing Areas;
F.Bird Wealth and Poverty in the Niger Delta: A Study of the Experiences of Shell in Nigeria;
F.Bird A Political and Economic History of Ghana, 1957-2003;
B.B.Puplampu Capacity Building, Asset Development and Corporate Values: A Study of Three International Firms in Ghana;
B.B.Puplampu A Political and Economic History of Uganda, 1962-2002;
S.Sejjaaka From Seed to Leaf: British American Tobacco and Supplier Relations in Uganda;
S.Sejjaaka Seeking a Better Connection: Mobile Telecommunications Network and Social Responsibility in Uganda;
I.Mutoigo &
S.Sejjaaka A Short Economic History of Vietnam, 1945-1985;
S.Herman Forming Social Capital from the Bottom Up: The Emergent Private Sector in Vietnam, 1986-2002;
S.Herman Developing Social Capital through Human Resources: 'Vietsani' and the Future of Western Management;
S.Herman Forestry, Gold Mining and Amerindians: The Troubling Example of Samling in Guyana;
G.Whiteman Collaboration and Cultural Difference: The Raglan Mine and Nunavik Inuit;
F.Bird &
R.Nixon International Trade as a Vehicle for Reducing Poverty: The Body Shop's Community Trade Programme;


IDA MUTOIGO is Team Leader for East and Southern Africa for the Christian Reformed World Relief CommitteeROBERT NIXON is a Partner in Universalia Management GroupBILL BUENAR PUPLAMPU is Senior Lecturer at the School of Administration, University of GhanaSAMUEL SEJJAAKA is a Senior Lecturer at the Makerere University Business School, UgandaGAIL WHITEMAN is Assistant Professor of Business-Society Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands
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