Interlinking of Computer Networks

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April 1979



This volume contains the papers presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on the Interlinking of Computer Networks held between August 28th and September 8th 1978 at Bonas, France. The development of computer networks has proceeded over the last few decades to the point where a number of scientific and commercial networks are firmly established - albeit using different philosophies of design and operation. Many of these networks are serving similar communities having the same basic computer needs and those communities where the computer resources are complementary. Consequently there is now a considerable interest in the possibility of linking computer networks to provide resource sharing over quite wide geographical distances. The purpose of the Institute organisers was to consider the problems that arise when this form of interlinking is attempted. The problems fall into three categories, namely technical problems, compatibility and management. Only within the last few years have the technical problems been understood sufficiently well to enable interlinking to take place. Consequently considerable value was given during the meeting to discussing the compatibility and management problems that require solution before x FOREWORD global interlinking becomes an accepted and cost­ effective operation. Existing computer networks were examined in depth and case-histories of their operations were presented by delegates drawn from the international community. The scope and detail of the papers presented should provide a valuable contribution to this emerging field and be useful to Communications Specialists and Managers as well as those concerned with Computer Operations and Development.


1 International Networking.- Some international Developments in Data Services.- Trends in European Network Developments.- Organization and Technical Problems of the European Informatics Network.- Satellite Communications Systems and the European Project STELLA.- 2 Network Planning.- U.K. Post Office Current and Future Plans.- Current CCITT Standards.- Protocols Standardization versus Protocols Conversion in Computer Networks Interconnection.- EPSS Developments.- Users' View of a National Network.- Transfer of Cyclades Applications towards TRANSPAC Network.- 3 Network Design.- On Interconnection of Computer Networks.- A Model for Inter-process Communication.- Cryptography and Crypto-Systems.- Protocol Design Considerations for Network Security.- Protocols and Network Interconnection.- Experience from Two Forms of Inter-network Connection.- 4 Network Application.- DARPA Activities in Packet Network Interconnection.- Defense Packet Switching Networks in the United States.- Canadian Public-switched Data Networks - Infoswitch and Datapac.- The U.K. S.R.C. Computer Network.- The British Steel Corporation Network.- Networking among U.K. Universities.- The North-West Universities Network.- 5 Network Management.- Message Services in Computer Networks.- Congestion Control in Hierarchical Networks.- Operation of the CYCLADES Network.- Some Service Aspects of the X25 Interface.- Flow Control in the GMD Network.- List of Participants.- Index of Names.
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