Interlending and Document Supply in Britain Today

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Explains to library staff and students how inter lending and document supply (IDS) operates in the United Kingdom. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of subjects which IDS librarians in various types of library need to know, in order to work more effectively. It is suitable for those who wish to know more about IDS in the UK.


Introduction; History; The British Library and BLDSC; Co-operation in interlending and document supply; Professional organisations; Interlending in different settings; Bibliographic control and interlending of different materials; Interlending management systems; The Interlending and Document Supply Department; Copyright; International interlending and document supply; The future of interlending and document supply.


Jean Bradford and Jenny Brine are both IDS Librarians. Jean has been IDS Librarian at the University of Bristol since 1977 and has many years experience of working in this field. Jenny is the IDS Librarian at Lancaster University and is currently Secretary of FIL: Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery.
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