Intelligent Information Processing and Web Mining

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April 2004



This volume contains articles accepted for presentation during The Intel­ ligent Information Processing and Web Mining Conference IIS:IIPWM'04 which was held in Zakopane, Poland, on May 17-20, 2004. This conference is a continuation of a series of 13 successful symposia and conferrences on Intel­ ligent Information Systems, organized by the Institute of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Sciences, devoted to new trends in (broadly understood) Artificial Intelligence. The idea of organizing such meetings dates back to 1992. Our main in­ tention guided the first, rather small-audience, workshop in the series was to resume the results gained in Polish scientific centers as well as contrast them with the research performed by Polish scientists working at the universities in Europe and USA and their foreign collaborators. This idea proved to be attractive enough that we decided to continue such meetings. As the years went by, the workshops has transformed into regular symposia devoted to such fields like Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Based Systems and Reasoning, and Soft Computing (i. e. Fuzzy and Rough Sets, Bayesian Networks, Neural Networks and Evo­ lutionary Algorithms). At present, about 50 papers prepared by researches from Poland and other countries are usually presented. This year conference devotes much more attention to the newest devel­ opments in the area of Artificial Intelligence, related to broadly understood Web mining.


Mining Spatial Association Rules.- Modeling of the Form of Heliosphere and its Role on the Annual Variations of Galactic Cosmic Rays.- ADX Algorithm: a brief description of a rule based classifier.- Query Selectivity Estimation via Data Mining.- Exploiting sensitivity analysis in Bayesian networks for customer satisfaction study.- On Admissible Substitutions in Classical and Intuitionistic Sequent Logics.- On Learning of Sunspot Classification.- Testing microarray analysis methods with semi-synthetic data.- A new algorithm to build consolidated trees: study of the error rate and steadiness.- Mining texts by association rules discovery in a technical corpus.- A Hybrid Approach to a Classification Problem.- Confusion Matrix Visualization.- Independent Component Analysis for Filtration in Data Mining.- State Assignment by Evolutionary Algorithms.- Coevolutionary feature construction for transformation of representation of machine learners.- Theory of Collective Intelligence provides formal relations between Intelligence, Life, and Evolution.- Application of evolutionary computing to conformational analysis.- A Novel Genetic Algorithm Based on Multi-Agent Systems.- Learning reversible categorial grammars from structures.- An Approach to Computational Morphology.- Semi-incremental Addition of Strings to a Cyclic Finite Automaton.- Semi-automatic stemmer evaluation.- Development of a Pediatric Text-Corpus for Part-of-Speech Tagging.- Information Extraction for Polish Using the SProUT Platform.- Towards the Design of a Syntactico-Semantic Lexicon for Polish.- Automatic utterance boundaries recognition in large Polish text corpora.- A Flexible Rule Compiler for Speech Synthesis.- A Practical Application of Morphological Analysis of Polish.- On-line Thematic and Metadata Analysis of Document Collection.- Analysis of priority and partitioning effects on web crawling performance.- Dynamization in IR Systems.- An Enhanced Semantic Indexing Implementation for Conceptual Information Retrieval.- Towards a More Realistic Web Graph Model.- Ontology As a Definition of Meaning.- Text Categorization using Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm.- Semantic Web Services in L2L.- Lingo: Search Results Clustering Algorithm Based on Singular Value Decomposition.- Conceptual Clustering Using Lingo Algorithm: Evaluation on Open Directory Project Data.- What Can Be Learned from Previously Answered Questions? A Corpus-Based Approach to Question Answering.- Extensions of PageRank. The RBS Algorithm.- Visualizing large data by the SOM and GTM methods - what are we obtaining?.- AntSearch - a new search algorithm.- Trigram morphosyntactic tagger for Polish.- Natural Language Processing Using Generative Indirect Dependency Grammar.- Automatic Text Clustering in the Polish Language.- The impact of NLP techniques in the multilabel text classification problem.- Cluster Analysis of Named Entities.- Indexing Object Propagation in Large Systems.- Intelligent Resources Search in Virtual Libraries.- A syntactical analysis of anaphora in the Polsyn parser.- Genetic Algorithm as an Attributes Selection Tool for Learning Algorithms.- IBIS: A New Evolutionary Algorithm for Timetable Problem.- Tree-based Algorithm for Discovering Extended Action-Rules (System DEAR2).- Semantic Representation of English Phrasal Verbs.- An algorithm of knowledge extraction from trained neural networks.- Document Ontology Discovery Tool.- Rule-based and Statistical Approaches to Morpho-syntactic Tagging of German.- Phonotactics in Inductive Logic Programming.- A Hybrid Approach to Semantic Web Services Discovery.- Discovering Logical Structures in Digital Documents.- Email Classification with Temporal Features.- Rule Discovery by Axes-Driven Hyperplanes Construction.- Scalable Methods of Discovering Rough Sets Reducts.- Incorporation of quantitative knowledge into genetic information systems.- Exchange of Knowledge and Learning in Default Reasoning Based Agent Systems.- Automatic Understanding of Signals.- Automatic understanding of ECG signal.- Picture Languages in Cognitive Approach to Medical Visualization Understanding.- Automatic Understanding of Speech Pathology.- Application of Zernike Moments, Independent Component Analysis, and Rough and Fuzzy Classifier for Hand-Written Character Recognition.- Input preprocessing for neural feedforward architecture.
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