Intellectuals in Politics: From the Dreyfus Affair to Salman Rushdie

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Juni 1997



After an introduction to the major issues confronting intellectuals, this book explores the various aspects of the intellectual's role including:
* philosophers and academics who have tried to define the function of the intellectual
* how intellectuals have assumed the status of the conscience of the nation and the voice of the oppressed
* the interaction of intellectuals with Marxism
* the place of the intellectual in American society
Covering regions as diverse as Israel, Algeria, Britain, Ireland, central Europe and America, this collection considers the question of whether the intellectual can still lay claim to the language of truth. In answering, this study tells us much about the modern world in which we live.
Coverage includes the following thinkers: Gramsci, Weber, Yeats, Auden, Levy, Mailer, Walzer, Marx and many more.


It is a delight to read an edited volume of such even quality and with such thematic consistency. This reviewer hopes that future compilers of edited volumes will be so judicious in their selection of contributiors and topics. If the essays' message for the future is mostly discouraging, those readers who feel condemned by circumstance to the caste of intellectuals will find this book relentlessly instructive on the mistakes of the past.
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