Integration/Interaction of Oncologic Growth

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A unique book on the interactions and interrelationships between tumor and host that modulate progression and metastasis. Several authors emphasize targeting the host rather than the tumor itself for therapeutic intervention to control cancer.


Chapter 1:Microenvironmental Effects on Tumour Progression and Metastasis; Kårstein Måseide, Tuula Kalliomäki, and Richard P. Hill Chapter 2: Role of Microenvironment on Gene Expression, Angiogenesis and Microvascular Function in Tumors; Dai Fukumura Chapter 3: Imaging of Angiogenesis In Vivo with Fluorescent Proteins: Fluorescence Imaging of Angiogenesis; Robert M. Hoffman Chapter 4: The Epigenetic Influence of the Tumor Microenvironment on Melanoma Plasticity; E. A. Seftor, P.S. Meltzer, D.A. Kirschmann, R.E.B. Seftor and M. J. C. Hendrix Chapter 5: Dynamics of Cell Adhesion Interactions during Melanoma Development; G. Li and M. Herlyn Chapter 6: Matrix Metalloproteinases: Mediators of Tumour-Host Cell Interactions; Robert J. Diaz, Alexandra Eichten, Karin E. de Visser and Lisa M. Coussens Chapter 7: Role of Brain Microenvironment in Brain Metastases; J. Grunfeld and V. K. Puduvalli Chapter 8: Influence of the Bone Microenvironment on Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone; B. L. Eckhardt, N. Pouliot and R. L. Anderson Chapter 9: Interaction of Tumour with Host Stroma in Hepatocellular Carcinoma; D.S.R. Lockwood and D.C. Gotley Chapter 10: Dynamic Nature of Tumour-Host Interactions Within the Tumor Microenvironment; D. Nagorsen and F. M. Marincola Chapter 11: Breast Cancer Progression: A 'Vicious Vycle' of Pro-Malignancy Activities is Mediated by Inflammatory Cells, Chemokines and Cytokines; A. Ben-Baruch Chapter 12: Tumor and Host Endothelial Cell Selective Interactions and Modulation by Microenvironmental Chemokines: Tumor-Endothelial Cell Cross Talk Specificity; N. Lamerant-Fayel, C. Crola da Silva and C. Kieda Chapter 13: The Role of Chemokine Receptors, in Particular CXCR4, in Lymphoma and Carcinoma Metastasis; I. S. Zeelenberg and E.Roos Chapter 14: Energy Homeostasis and the Tumor/Host Interaction: The role of the Brain; Michael F. Wiater Chapter 15: Anti-Angiogenic and Pro-Apoptotic Effects of Dietary Restriction in Experimental Brain Cancer: Role of Glucose and Ketone Bodies; T.N. Seyfried and P. Mukherjee Chapter 16: Dietary Restriction of Specific Amino Acids Modulates Tumor and Host Interactions; G. G. Meadows and Y.-M. Fu Chapter 17: Role of Tumour Microenvironment in Chemoresistance; Yong Wei and Jessie L.-S. Au Chapter 18: Integrin-Mediated Resistance to Chemotherapy-Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells; R. C. Rintoul and T. Sethi Chapter 19: Bone Metastasis Microenvironment Participates in the Development of Androgen Ablation Refractoriness and Chemotherapy Resistance of Prostate Cancer Cells Residing in the Skeleton: Clinical Implications; M. Koutsilieris, R. Tenta, D. Tiblalexi, N. Pitulis, E. Sotiriou, P. Lembessis, J. Bogdanos, C. Milathianakis and A. Sourla Chapter 20: Current and Future Therapeutic Targets of the Tumour-Host Microenvironment; Jareer Kassis, Emilyn Alejandro, Victoria Virador and Elise C. Kohn Chapter 21: Bone Stromal Cells As Therapeutics Targets In Osseous Metastasis; R. A. Sikes, C. R. Cooper, G. L. Beck, F. Pruitt, M. L. Brown and G. Balian Chapter 22: Organtropism of Lung Cancer Metastasis and its Molecular Targeted Therapy; Seiji Yano, Soji Kakiuchi, Helong Zhang and Saburo Sone. Chapter 23: Maspin: A Novel Serine Protease Inhibitor; Shijie Sheng Chapter 24: Metastasis Suppressor Genes: A Brief Review of an Expanding Field; Monica M. Richert and Danny R. Welch Chapter 25: Tumor-Host Interactions at the Metastatic Site: MKK4, Signal Transduction and the Stress Response; Jonathan C. Berger, Victoria L. Robinson, Jonathan A. Hickson, Donald Vander Griend
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