Integrated Pest Management

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Juli 1995



This important book provides a practical guide to the principles and practice of developing an integrated pest management (IPM) programme. Integrated Pest Management answers the question `how do you devise, develop and implement a practical IPM system which will fully meet the real needs of farmers?'. The term `pest' in this book is used in its broadest sense and includes insects, pathogens, weeds, nematodes, etc. The book commences by outlining the basic principles which underlie pest control (crop husbandry, socio-economics, population ecology and population genetics) and reviews the control mesures available and their use in IPM systems. Subsequent chapters cover the techniques and approaches used in defining a pest problem, programme planning and management, systems analysis, experimental paradigms and implementation of IPM systems. The final seciton of the book contains four chapters giving examples of IPM in different cropping systems, contributed by invited specialists and outlining four different perspectives. Integrated Pest Management will be of great use to agricultural and plant scientists, entomologists, aracologists and nematologists and all those studying crop protection, particularly at MSc level and above. It will be particularly useful for, and should find a place on the shelves of all personnel within the agrochemical industry, universities and research establishments working in this subject area and as a reference in libraries for students and professionals alike.


List of Contributors. Preface.
1. Introduction.
2. Principles of integrated pest management.
3. Control measures.
4. Defining the problem.
5. Programme planning and management.
6. Techniques in systems analysis.
7. Experimental paradigms.
8. Implementation of an IPM system.
9. Integrated pest management in olives; M.P. Walton.
10. Integrated pest management in wheat; S.D. Wratten, N.C. Elliott, J.A. Farrell.
11. Integrated pest management in cotton; A.P. Gutierrez.
12. Integrated pest management in protected crops; J.C. van Lenteren. Index.


`This is an interesting and unusual book. Few books available deal so extensively with the organisational issues of IPM programs.'
Parasitology Today
`The main readership for this book will be people who are engaged in crop protection but anyone who is interested in greener forms of crop production, and the difficulties associated with this, will find something of interest here.'
British Journal of Entomology and Natural History
`... provides a practival guide to the principles and practice of developing an IPM programme.'
`David Dent should be congratulated for his book. It will be an important addition to the book collections of researchers, universities and professionals involved in the area of crop protection.'
Bulletin of Entomological Research
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