Integrated Land-Use and Transportation Models: Behavioural Foundations

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Juli 2005



Examines the behavioural foundations, often simplistic, that have limited land-use and transportation models in the past, and recommends alternative assumptions, frameworks and methods. This work includes the ways to measure and represent the processes of decision-making that lead to the organisation of human activities in time and space.


Introduction. (M.E.H. Lee-Gosselin, S.T. Doherty). Section I: Conceptual Issues and Approaches. A Dynamic Understanding of Travel Demand: A Sketch. (K.W. Axhausen). Propositions for Modelling Household Decision-Making. (E.J. Miller). Operationalising Household Activity Scheduling Models: Addressing Assumptions and the Use of New Sources of Behavioural Data. (M.J. Roorda, S.T. Doherty, E.J. Miller). Conceptual Perspectives for Explaining Spatio-Temporal Behaviour in Urban Areas. (T. Ramadier, M.E.H. Lee-Gosselin, A. Frenette). Section II: Key Behavioural Components and Related Data Needs. Measuring Activity and Action Space/Time: Are Our Methods Keeping Pace with Evolving Behaviour Patterns? (T.M. McCray, M.E.H. Lee-Gosselin, Mei-Po Kwan). Modelling Learning and Adaptation in Route and Departure Time Choice Behaviour: Achievements and Prospects. (A. Jotisankasa, J.W. Polak). The Influence of Mobile and Immobile Communications on Activity and Travel Scheduling. (A.J. Richardson, R.K. Seethaler). The Creation of Simulated Household Travel Survey Data Based on Available Demographic Data from Households. (P. Stopher, J. Rose, P. Bullock). Section III: Operational Modelling Issues and Advances. GIS, Objects and Integrated Urban Models. (R.N. Buliung, P.S. Kanaroglou, H. Maoh). A Distributed Computing Approach for Transportation Modelling and Simulation: Application to an Airport System. (C. Ray, C. Claramunt). Design and Implementation of PECAS: a Generalised System for Allocating Economic Production, Exchange and Consumption Quantities (J.D. Hunt, J.E. Abraham). Hybrid Choice Models with Logit Kernel: Applicability to Large Scale Models. (D. Bolduc, M. Ben-Akiva, J. Walker, A. Michaud).


"...will serve as a cornerstone in the field of land use transportation modeling for years to come." -Venky Shankar, TRANSPORTATION JOURNAL (Apr-Jun 2006)
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