Integrable Quantum Field Theories and Their Applications - Procs of the Apctp Winter School

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September 2001



This volume includes several lecture notes on the fundamentals and elementary techniques of integrable field theories and on their applications to low-dimensional physics systems contributed by leading scientists in the respective fields. The main topics covered are various aspects of the thermodynamic Bethe ansatz, form factors, Calogero (and related) models, sigma models, conformal boundary conditions, etc. The volume presents both pedagogical material and a current research trend in the field.


Applications of Reflection Amplitudes in Toda-Type Theories (C Ahn et al.); Lax Pairs and Involutive Hamiltonians for CN and BCN Ruijsenaars-Schneider Models (K Chen et al.); Fateev's Models and Their Applications (D Controzzi & A M Tsvelik); The ODE/IM Correspondence (P Dorey et al.); Integrable Sigma Models (P Fendley); Lorentz Lattice Gases and Spin Chains (M J Martins); Quantum Calogero-Moser Models for Any Root System (R Sasaki); Quasi-Particles in Conformal Field Theories for Fractional Quantum Hall Systems (K Schoutens & R A J van Elburg); Towards Form Factors in Finite Volume (F A Smirnov); Static and Dynamic Properties of Trapped Bost-Einstein Condensates (T Tsurumi et al.); Integrability of the Calogero Model: Conserved Quantitles, the Classical General Solution and the Quantum Orthogonal Basis (H Ujino et al.); Conformal Boundary Conditions (J B Zuber).
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