Instructional Psychology: Past, Present, and Future Trends: Sixteen Essays in Honour of Erik de Corte

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Oktober 2006



Celebrates Erik De Cortes' scientific career in the international scientific field of instructional psychology. This book addresses the core topics of the learning sciences from a diversity of perspectives. Its sixteen chapters are grouped into 6 sections, including: Learning and Development; Learning and Assessment; and, Learning and Technology.


Preface Prof. dr. dr. h.c. Erik De Corte: A Biographical Sketch Introduction Part I: Learning and Development 1. Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Learning in Early Childhood: Sites for Struggle Sites for Progress Elizabeth Wood and Neville Bennett 2. Mathematics in the Mind: Architecture, Development, and Educational Implications Andreas Demetriou and Areti Panaoura 3. Attentional Processes, Abstraction, and Transfer in Early Mathematical Development Erno Lehtinen and Minna M. Hannula 4. Examining Mathematics Learning From a Conceptual Change Point of View: Implications for the Design of Learning Environments Stella Vosniadou and Xenia Vamvakoussi Part II: Learning, Reasoning, and Problem Solving 5. Reasoning With Mental Tools and Physical Artifacts in Everyday Problem-Solving Roger Saljo, Ann-Charlotte Eklund, and Asa Makitalo 6. Modelling for Life: Developing Adaptive Expertise in Mathematical Modelling From an Early age Wim Van Dooren, Lieven Verschaffel, Brian Greer, and Dirk De Bock Part III: Motivational and Emotional Aspects of Learning 7. Motivated Learning: What Is it and How can it Be Enhanced? Monique Boekaerts and Rob Martens 8. Student Learning in Context: Understanding the Phenomenon and the Person Noel Entwistle, Velda McCune, and Max Scheja 9. The Unhappy Moralist Effect: Emotional Conflicts Between Being Good and Being Successful Fritz Oser, Evi Schmid, and Lisa Hattersley Part IV: Learning and Assessment 10. Educational Assessment: Towards Better Alignment Between Theory and Practice James W. Pellegrino and Daniel T. Hickey 11. Learning and the Emerging New Assessment Culture Filip Dochy, David Gijbels, and Mien Segers Part V: Learning and Technology 12. The Difficult Marriage Between Education and Technology: Is the Marriage Doomed? Gavriel Salomon and Dani Ben-Zvi 13. Computer Support for Collaborative Learning Environments Heinz Mandl, Bernhard Ertl, and Birgitta Kopp 14. E-pedagogies for Networked Learning Robert-Jan Simons and Maarten de Laat Part VI: Instructional and Organizational Designs for Learning 15. From Individual Learning to Organizational Designs for Learning Lauren B. Resnick and James P. Spillane 16. From Plato to Brown and Beyond: Theory, Practice, and the Promise of Design Experiments Denis C. Phillips and Jonathan R. Dolle Contributors Author Index Subject Index
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