Inspired Speech: Prophecy in the Ancient Near East/Essays in Honor of Herbert B. Huffmon

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Inspired Speech brings together thirty-three scholars to explore themes related to the study of religion and prophecy in the ancient Near East. Now available in paperback, Inspired Speech was originally published in the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testame


Part 1: Introductory Essays; Richard: Herbert Baldwin Huffmon: A Reflection; Cross: Introduction to the Study of the History of the Religion of Israel; Mendenhall: The Amorite Heritage in the West; Nissenen: What is Prophecy? An Ancient Near Eastern Perspective; Wilson: Current Issues in the Study of Old Testament Prophecy; Part 2: Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East; Bechtel: The Metaphors of 'Canaanite' and 'Baal' in Hosea Callaway: The Lamenting Prophet and the Modern Self: on the Origins of Contemporary Readings of Jeremiah; Day: Metaphor and Social Reality: Isaiah 23.17-18, Ezekiel 16.35-37 and Hosea 2.4-5; Eng: What's in a Name? Cyrus and the Dating of Deutero-Isaiah; Fleming: Southern Mesopotamian Titles for Temple Personnel in the Mari Archives; Freeman & Frey: False Prophecy is True Green: Esarhaddon, Sanduarri, and The Adon Papyrus; Greenstein: Jeremiah as an Inspiration to the Prophet Job; Kaltner: What Did Elijah Do To His Mantle? The Hebrew Root GLM; Lawlor: Word Event in Jeremiah: A Look at the Composition's 'Introductory Formulas'; Leiter: Visions of Peace in Isaiah; Levine: When the God of Israel 'Acts-Out' His Anger: On the Language of Divine Rejection in Biblical Literature; Long & Sneed: 'Yahweh Has Given These Three Kings into the Hand of Moab': A Socio-Literary Reading of 2 Kings 3; Marcus: Recovering an Ancient Paronomasia in Zechariah 14.5; Nasuti: The Once and Future Lament: Micah 2:1-5 and the Prophetic Persona; Park: The Spiritual Journey of Jonah: From the Perspective of C. G. Jung's Analytical Psychology Roberts: The Context, Text, and Logic of Isa. 7.7-9; Sasson: The Eyes of Eli: An Essay in Motif Accretion; Seibert: Harder than Flint, Faster than Eagles: Intensified Comparatives in the Latter Prophets Stulman: Jeremiah as a Polyphonic Response to Suffering; Van der Toorn: From the Mouth of the Prophet: The Literary Fixation of Jeremiah's Prophecies in the Context of the Ancient Near East; Varughese: The Royal Family in the Jeremiah Tradition; Part 3: Other Studies; Hallo: New Light on the Story of Achsah; Moore: Bathsheba's Silence (1 Kgs. 1.11-31); Mussell: A Quest for the Divine and...the Tourist Dollar: the Dilemma Faced by Contemporary Dervish Orders; Huffmon Bibliography


John Kaltner is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. Louis Stulman is Professor of Religious Studies, University of Findlay. His numerous publications on Jeremiah include the Abingdon Old Testament Commentary on Jeremiah (2005), Order Amid Chaos: Jeremiah as Symbolic Tapestry (Sheffield, 1998).


"Herb Huffmon is among the longest-serving scholars in Old Testament studies of that remarkable generation of US scholars who, in the second half of the twentieth century, recovered the centrality of the Old Testament for theological study, and who brought to that work great erudition, energy, and passion. Over the long period of his scholarly career, Huffmon has made extraordinary contributions to the common work of the discipline. This collection of essays in his honor, in breadth and depth, is an offer that is commensurate with his own status in the field. The contributors of these essays represent the best in the field and the essays in sum are a "state of the art" reflection of on-going work. The essays range over a wide field of Huffmon's own interests from Ancient Near Eastern studies to Israel's prophets to daring interpretive experimentation. The book will be a welcome reference point for continued study and an enduring attestation to Huffmon's own important work in the field." - Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, USA--Sanford Lakoff
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