Insect Migration: Tracking Resources Through Space and Time

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A comprehensive account of insect migration in its ecological and evolutionary context.


Part I. Insect Migration in Relation to Weather and Climate: 1. Long-range insect migration in relation to climate and weather: Africa and Europe D. E. Pedgley, D. R. Reynolds and G. M. Tatchell; 2. Insect migration in North America: synoptic-scale transport in a highly seasonal environment S. J. Johnson; 3. Migration of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens and the white-backed planthopper Sogatella furcifera in East Asia: the role of weather and climate R. Kisimoto and K. Sogawa; 4. Migration of the oriental armyworm Mythimna separata in East Asia in relation to weather and climate. I. Northeastern China R. -L. Chen, Y. -J Sun, S. -Y. Wang, B. -P. Zhai and X. -Y. Bao; 5. Migration of the oriental armyworm Mythimna separata in East Asia in relation to weather and climate. II. Korea J. -H. Lee and K. -B. Uhm; 6. Migration of the oriental armyworm Mythimna separata in East Asia in relation to weather and climate. III. Japan K. Hirai; 7. Insect migration in an arid continent. I. The common armyworm Mythimna convecta in eastern Australia G. McDonald; 8. Insect migration in an arid continent. II. Helicoverpa spp. in eastern Australia P. C. Gregg, G. P. Fitt, M. P. Zalucki and D. A. H. Murray; 9. Insect migration in an arid continent. III. The Australian Plague Locust Chortoicetes terminifera and the native budworm Helicoverpa punctigera in Western Australia K. J. Walden; Part II. Adaptions for Migration: 10. Migratory potential in insects: variation in an uncertain environment A. G. Gatehouse and X. -X. Zhang; 11. Insect migration in heterogeneous environments K. Wilson; 12. The regulation of migration in Helicoverpa armigera J. Colvin; 13. Physiological integration of migration in Lepidoptera J. N. McNeil, M. Cusson, J. Delisle, I. Orchard and S. S. Tobe; 14. Aerodynamics, energetics and reproductive constraints of migratory flight in insects R. Dudley; Part III. Forecasting Migrant Pests: 15. Operational aspects of forecasting migrant insect pests R. K. Day and J. D. Knight; 16. Geographic information systems and remotely sensed data for determining the seasonal distribution of habitats of migrant insect pests T. P. Robinson; 17. Forecasting systems for migrant pests. I. The brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens in China B. -H. Zhou, H. -K. Wang and X. -N. Cheng; 18. Forecasting systems for migrant pests. II. The rice planthoppers Nilaparvata lugens and Sogatella furcifera in Japan T. Watanabe; 19. Forecasting systems for migrant pests. III. Locusts and grasshoppers in West Africa and Madagascar M. Lecoq; Part IV. Overview and Synthesis: 20. Forecasting migrant insect pests J. I. Magor; 21. Insect migration: a holistic conceptual model V. A. Drake, A. G. Gatehouse and R. A. Farrow; Index.


'... this will be a most useful contribution to the study of migration; it is really helpful to have a number of papers containing important, and in some cases new, data to be bound together in a manageable volume which will be invaluable to researchers in the future.' D. J. L. Agassiz, Bulletin of Entomological Research 'It confers a much broader debate than a usual proceedings volume and the final overview provides a holistic model of migration which may well form a springboard for future developments in the field.' Jim Hardie, Antenna 'There is a lot of useful theory expounded here ... a very rewarding book, ideal as a reference to new developments.' John Feltwell, Biologist '... well written and very informative.' A. van Huis, Endeavour '... a very well constructed book based on the knowledge of a great number of well-known contributors. It can be recommended as an excellent guide to all who need updated information in insect migration.' Kari Tiilikkala, Integrated Pest Management Reviews 'The strength of this book lies in its bringing together information on several long-distance insect migrants, and offering a vivid view of the integration between large-scale weather processes and migration ... a nice example of large-scale ecology.' Dr. C. Solbreck, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata ' ... there is a mine of information in this text, both in the methods of study of large scale migration, the linking of migration to resource predictability, seasonal climates and large scale weather systems and the theoretical underpinning.' Journal of Insect Conservation
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