Innovation Systems in the Service Economy

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Januar 2000



A frequent complaint in literature is that services have been previously largely overlooked by innovation researchers and technology policy makers. Given the unarguable growth in the importance of the service sectors, increasing numbers of researchers and policy makers have taken a fresh look at service activities. Innovation Systems in the Service Economy: Measurement and Case Study Analysis presents contributions which increase the understanding of the role of services in the development of the division of labor in modern economics. This volume is devoted to the elaboration and understanding of the following two themes. First, service firms can be innovative in their own right, even though the process of innovation and the kinds of innovation may be different from those traditionally associated with manufacturing and other primary activities. Second, service firms and associated activities play an important role in the evolving division of creative labor which is constituted by modern innovative systems.


List of Contributors. Preface. 1. Introduction, Overview and Reprise; J.S. Metcalfe, I. Miles. Part I: Conceptual Frameworks. 2. Distributed Innovation Systems and Instituted Economic Processes; B. Andersen, et al. 3. Innovation as a Loosely Coupled System in Services; J. Sundbo, F. Gallouj. 4. Recombination and the Production of Technological Knowledge: Some International Evidence; C. Antonelli. Part II: Measuring Service Innovation. 5. Innovation, Measurement and Services: The New Problematique; R. Coombs, I. Miles. 6. Rethinking Innovation Comparisons between Manufacturing and Services: The Experience of the CBR SME Surveys in the UK; A. Hughes, E. Wood. 7. Service Innovation: What Makes It Different? Empirical Evidence from Germany; B. Preissl. 8. Information Flows and Knowledge Creation in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Scheme for a Conceptualization; C. Hipp. 9. Indicators of Manufacturing and Service Innovation: Their Strengths and Weaknesses; A. Kleinknecht.
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