Innovation Policy and the Limits of Laissez-Faire: Hong Kong's Policy in Comparative Perspective

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Oktober 2010



Hong Kong's laissez-faire tradition has crippled attempts to transform it into a more knowledge-intensive economy and this is a lesson with wide applicability. Many emerging economies face innovation bottlenecks, but even some more advanced economies face similar constraints and may benefit from the lessons of its negative example.


University-industry Collaboration and Technology Transfer in Hong Kong and Knowledge-based Economic Growth;
D.C.Mowery Enhancing HKSAR's Innovation System: Is there a Role for Public Policy? P.Kam Wong Human Resources: Hong Kong's Challenges and Opportunities;
D.M.Hart  &
F.Tian Workforce Development in Hong Kong;
V.Wadhwa On Reform of Hong Kong's Public Research Funding System;
Chintay Shih and Shin-Horng Chen Hong Kong's Venture Capital System and the Commercialization of New Technology;
K.Au  &
S.White Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: Science and Technology Cooperation;
A.Segal Manufacturing for a Post-Manufacturing City;
E.Thun Biotechnology in Hong Kong: Prospects and Challenges;
J.Wong Government Neglect and the Decline of Hong Kong's Integrated Circuit Design Industry;
D.B.Fuller Hong Kong's New Creative Industries: The Example of the Video Games Sector;
F.T.Tschang Environmental Technology: Hong Kong's Innovation System;


DOUGLAS B FULLER is Lecturer of International Business and Comparative Management, Kings College London, UK. His research centres on the technology development strategies of firms in emerging economies with a regional focus on developing Asia. He did degrees in history (BA) at Swarthmore College and East Asian Studies (MA) at UC Berkeley before completing a PhD in Political Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After taking his degree, he served as post-Doctoral Fellow at Stanford University's Stanford Project on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Subsequently, he taught at the School of International Service in Washington DC and in the Department of Management of Chinese University of Hong Kong. He arrived at Kings in January 2008.
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