Innovating University Teaching and Learning

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The book brings together unique teaching experiences of young researchers innovating their teaching and student learning and enhancing student engagement. Their teaching innovations serve as a valuable source of inspiration for other young teachers who face similar pedagogic problems.


A) In-class Activities Innovations Problem Solving Group as a Tool for Effective Large Group Teaching Enhancing Students' Active Learning by In-class Games Mnemonics and Creativity as Tools for Enhancing Long-term Knowledge Retention Worksheets as a Method of Student Activation B) Process-oriented Innovations The Bloom's Taxonomy as an Organizing Principle of the Assessment Innovation Helping Students to Enjoy Academic Writing C) Technology-based Innovations Inspiring Students to Read: Blogs in Philosophy Teaching Just-in-time teaching as a Tool for Encouraging Students' Regular Pre-class Preparation Using Blended Learning to Develop Student Skills and Motivation Self-scoring On-line Quizzes as a Tool for Enhancement of Student Reading and Comprehension
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Untertitel: Ten Examples of Change in Practice. 'Teaching Political Science'. Sprache: Englisch.
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