Inheritance and Wealth in America

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November 1997



Inheritance and Wealth in America is a superb collection of original essays, written in nontechnical language by experts in sociology, economics, anthropology, history, law, and other disciplines. Notable chapters provide - an outstanding interpretative history of inheritance in American legal thought - a critical review of the literature on the economics of inheritance at the household and societal levels - a superb history of Federal taxation of wealth transfers, and - a sociological examination of inheritance and its role in class reproduction and stratification. This groundbreaking work is of value to any researcher dealing with the transmission of wealth and privilege across generations.


The Inheritance of Wealth in America; R.K. Miller, S.J. McNamee. Inheritance in American Legal Thought; R. Chester. Economics of Inheritance; P.L. Menchik, N.J. Jianakoplos. Federal Taxation of Inheritance and Wealth Transfers; B.W. Johnson, M.B. Eller. Women and Inheritance in America: Virginia and New York as a Case Study, 1700-1860; J.R. Gundersen. Ethnicity and Inheritance; R. Clignet. Why Should Men Leave Great Fortunes to Their Children? Dynasty and Inheritance in America; P.D. Hall, G.E. Marcus. Will Contests: Legacies of Aging and Social Change; J.P. Rosenfeld. Inheritance and Stratification; S.P. McNamee, R.K. Miller. Index.
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