Information Security: Policy, Processes, and Practices

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April 2008



Edited by Straub (information systems, Georgia State U.), Goodman (international affairs and computing, Georgia Institute of Technology), and Baskerville (information systems, Robinson College of Business), this volume of Advances in Management Information Systems is the first of several to address issues of information security and as such it focuses on matters of policy, strategy, and processes necessary for the establishment of the overall security posture of an organization and leaves discussion of supportive technological and organizational measures for later volumes. Chapters address information technology governance and organizational design for security management, information system risk assessment and documentation, strategic information security risk management, and business continuity planning and the protection of informational assets. They also discuss the extra-organizational security setting for the United States and internationally, as well as emerging research trends.


This economical text is intended for use as a universal supplement to introductory econometrics courses. This edition contains two new chapters on economic forecasting. Extensive online supplements include teaching PowerPoints, solutions to test questions/problems, new instructor questions, and software programs with data to download.
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