Information Processing with Evolutionary Algorithms

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Januar 2005



Provides a broad sample of current information processing applications
Includes examples of successful applications that will encourage practitioners to apply the techniques described in the book to real-life problems


Adaptive Business Intelligence Based on Evolution Strategies: Some Application Examples of Self-Adaptive Software Extending the Boundaries of Design Optimization by Integrating Fast Optimization Techniques with Machine-Code-Based, Linear Genetic Programming Evolutionary Optimization of Approximating Triangulations for Surface Reconstruction from Unstructured 3D Data An Evolutionary Algorithm based on Morphological Associative Memories for Endmember Selection in Hyperspectral Images On a Gradient Based Evolution Strategy for Parametric Illumination Correction A New Chromosome Codification for Scheduling Problems Evolution-based Learning of Ontological Knowledge for a Large-scale Multi-agent Simulation An Evolutionary Algorithms Approach to Phlogenetic Tree Construction Robot Controller Evolution with Macroevolutionary Algorithms Evolving Natural Language Grammars Evaluating Protein Structure Prediction Models with Evolutionary Algorithms Learning Decision Rules by Means of Hybrid-Encoded Evolutionary Algorithms Evolvable Hardware Techniques for Gate-Level Synthesis of Combinational Circuits The Evolutionary Learning Rule in a System Identification Current and Future Research Trends in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Genetic Algorithms with Limited Convergence Evolution with Sampled Fitness Functions Molecular Computing by Signaling Pathways Strategy Oriented Evolutionary Games: Towards a Grammatical Model of Games Discrete Multi-Phase Particle Swarm Optimization
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