Information Dynamics

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Information and dynamics are key terms in many contemporary directions of research in numerous fields. Basic frarneworks in this regard are information theory and the theory of dynamical systems. The origin of both areas essentially dates back into the 20s of this century. An excellent presentation of the history of information theory from its early days (e.g, Nyquist, Hartley) until to the 70s has been given by J.R. Pierce et al. in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory IT-19 (1973). System theory, the other branch mentioned above, also started with first publications in the 20s (e.g., Köhler, Lotka). A historical sketch can be found in 1. v. Bertalanffy's General Systems Theory (Braziller, Ncw York, 1968), the main body ofwhich presents a proper introduction into the main concepts and applications. At present, both branches, information theory and system theory, are hardly sepa­ rable any more. Aspects of both appcar in cybernetics, contral theory, communication theory, computer science, game theory, cognitive science, and related fields. Combin­ ing knowledge of various individual scientific disciplines, they are particularly useful to deal with problems of basically intcrdisciplinary character.


Measures and Principles of Uncertainty and Information: Recent Developments.- Information and Complexity Measures in Dynamical Systems.- Recursive Symbolic Encoding and Hierarchical Description of Complex Systems.- Reconstructing Language Hierarchies.- A Theory of State Space Reconstruction in the Presence of Noise.- Applied Chaos: Quantifying Complex Systems.- Modelling Fractals and Turbulence.- Chaotic Data and Model Building.- Causality and Information Flow.- Some Remarks on the Problem of Repeatability of Experiments Dealing with Complex Systems.- Non - Boolean Logic of the Theory of Evolutionary Science.- Chaos and Information Processing: Multifractal Attractors Mediating Perception and Cognition.- Reconstructing Complexity: Information Dynamics in Acoustic Perception.- Measuring Correlations in Energy Landscapes and Why It Matters.- Aspects of Information Processing: Information Flow in Synergetic Computers.- The Quantum Mechanical Computer.- Complementarity of Structure and Dynamics.- Information and Dynamical Systems.- On Boltzmann Entropy and Coarse - Graining for Classical Dynamical Systems.- Algorithmic Information Content, Church - Turing Thesis, Physical Entropy, and Maxwell's Demon.- The Entropy Creation Necessary to Perform a Measurement and to Reset It.- Information Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Mechanical Entropy.- Dynamical Entropy for Infinite Quantum Systems.- Quantum Chaos in Open Systems.- A Dynamical System Approach to Quantum Mechanics with Imaginary Time.- Do Quantum Particles Travel in Real Space Time? Experimental Evidence and Theoretical Implications.- What Happens During a Quantum Transition?.- Epilogue: Dualities, Context, and Meaning.- Participants.
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