Information Context: Nature, Impact, and Role

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Mai 2005



CoLIS 5 was the ?fth in the series of international conferences whose general aim is to provide a broad forum for critically exploring and analyzing research inareassuchascomputerscience,informationscienceandlibraryscience.CoLIS examinesthehistorical,theoretical,empiricalandtechnicalissuesrelatingtoour understanding and use of information, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to research. CoLIS seeks to provide a broad platform for the examination of context as it relates to our theoretical, empirical and technical development of information-centered disciplines. The theme for CoLIS 5 was the nature, impact and role of context within information-centered research. Context is a complex, dynamic and multi- - mensional concept that in?uences both humans and machines: how they behave individually and how they interact with each other. In CoLIS 5 we took an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of context to help us understand and the theoretical approaches to modelling and understanding context, incorporate contextual reasoning within technology, and develop a shared framework for promoting the exploration of context.


Invited Papers.- Wittgenstein, Language and Information: "Back to the Rough Ground!".- Text, Co-text, Context and the Documentary Continuum.- Representing Context.- The Sense of Information: Understanding the Cognitive Conditional Information Concept in Relation to Information Acquisition.- Practical Implications of Handling Multiple Contexts in the Principle of Polyrepresentation.- Information Sharing and Timing: Findings from Two Finnish Organizations.- Context and Relevance in Information Seeking.- Contexts of Relevance for Information Retrieval System Design.- Searching for Relevance in the Relevance of Search.- Information Searching Behavior: Between Two Principles.- Context and Information.- Bradford's Law of Scattering: Ambiguities in the Concept of "Subject".- The Instrumentality of Information Needs and Relevance.- Lifeworld and Meaning - Information in Relation to Context.- Contextualised Information Seeking.- Personometrics: Mapping and Visualizing Communication Patterns in R&D Projects.- Annotations as Context for Searching Documents.- Conceptual Indexing Based on Document Content Representation.- Agendas for Context.- What's the Deal with the Web/Blogs/the Next Big Technology: A Key Role for Information Science in e-Social Science Research?.- Assessing the Roles That a Small Specialist Library Plays to Guide the Development of a Hybrid Digital Library.- Power Is Information: South Africa's Promotion of Access to Information Act in Context.- Context and Documents.- A Bibliometric-Based Semi-automatic Approach to Identification of Candidate Thesaurus Terms: Parsing and Filtering of Noun Phrases from Citation Contexts.- Context Matters: An Analysis of Assessments of XML Documents.- Workshops.- Developing a Metadata Lifecycle Model.- Evaluating User Studies in Information Access.


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