Infinite Groups: Geometric, Combinatorial and Dynamical Aspects

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Dezember 2005



This book offers a panorama of recent advances in the theory of infinite groups. It contains survey papers contributed by leading specialists in group theory and other areas of mathematics. Topics include amenable groups, Kaehler groups, automorphism groups of rooted trees, rigidity, C*-algebras, random walks on groups, pro-p groups, Burnside groups, parafree groups, and Fuchsian groups. The accent is put on strong connections between group theory and other areas of mathematics.


Parafree Groups.- The Finitary Andrews-Curtis Conjecture.- Cuts in Kähler Groups.- Algebraic Mapping-Class Groups of Orientable Surfaces with Boundaries.- Solved and Unsolved Problems Around One Group.- Cubature Formulas, Geometrical Designs, Reproducing Kernels, and Markov Operators.- Survey on Classifying Spaces for Families of Subgroups.- Are Unitarizable Groups Amenable?.- Probabilistic Group Theory and Fuchsian Groups.- Just Non-(abelian by P-type) Groups.- Infinite Algebras and Pro-p Groups.


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