Improving the Quality of Life

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November 1994



The book is unique in two distinct ways. First, it focuses on improving quality of life in contrast to other books that have tended to focus more on its conceptualization and assessment. Second, it deals with improving quality of life in a variety of disabled populations, not just one, and includes chapters on people with chronic mental or physical conditions and those without disabilities at all (i.e. so-called normal people). The book outlines some of the challenges and controversies in the quality-of-life domain and attempts to synthesize the key issue and to draw generalizable conclusions. The book is mainly for university students and faculty and practitioners from various disciplines working in the field. It will also interest those members of the general public who wish to improve their own quality of life or that of their relatives or friends.


Quality of Life as a Concept and Measurable Entity;
T.R. Parmenter. Enhancing Quality of Life in the Population at Large;
D.R. Evans. Forging Ahead: Linking Health and Behavior to Improve Quality of Life in Older People;
M.G. Ory, D.M. Cox. Using Quality of Life Information to Set Priorities in Health Policy;
R.M. Kaplan. Improving the Quality of Life of People with Severe Mental Disorders;
C. Mercier. Quality of Life for Students with Disabilities in Transition from School to Adulthood;
A.S. Halpern. Improving the Quality of Life: Prescriptions for Change;
D.M. Romney, R.I. Brown, P.S. Fry.
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