Imperial Rule

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Renowned academics compare major features of imperial rule in the 19th century, reflecting a significant shift away from nationalism and toward empires in the studies of state building. The book responds to the current interest in multi-unit formations, such as the European Union and the expanded outreach of the United States. National historical narratives have systematically marginalized imperial dimensions, yet empires play an important role. This book examines the methods discerned in the creation of the Habsburg Monarchy, the Ottoman Empire, the Hohenzollern rule and Imperial Russia. It inspects the respective imperial elites in these empires, and it details the role of nations, religions and ideologies in the legitimacy of empire building, bringing the Spanish Empire into the analysis. The final part of the book focuses on modern empires, such as the German "Reich." The essays suggest that empires were more adaptive and resilient to change than is commonly thought.


Contents Introduction I. Nationalism and Imperial Rule The Empire and the Nation in the Imagination of Russian Nationalism, Alexei Miller The Russians and the Turks: Imperialism and Nationalism in the Era of Empires. Norman Stone, Sergei Podbolotov, Murat Yasar Imperial instead of National History: Positioning Modern German History on the Map of European Empires. Philipp Ther II. Legitimacy and Imperial Rule Justifying Political Power in 19th Century Europe: the Habsburg Monarchy and Beyond. Maciej Janowski Schism Once Removed: Sects, State Authority, and Meanings of Religious Toleration in Imperial Russia. Paul W. Werth Redefining Identities in the late Ottoman Empire: Policies of Conversion and Apostasy. Selim Deringil III. Core and Periphery Empire on Europe's Periphery: Russian and Western Comparisons. Dominic Leven The Spanish Empire and its End: a Comparative View in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Europe. Sebastian Balfour The Russian-American Company as a Colonial Contractor for the Russian Empire. Ilya Vinkovetsky Comparative Ecology of Complex Frontiers. Alfred J. Rieber Index


ABOUT THE EDITORS Alexei Miller is Professor of History at Central European University, formerly research fellow at the Russian Academy of the Sciences and is the author of The Ukrainian Question, CEU Press 2003. Alfred J. Rieber is Professor of History at Central European University, Budapest. CEU Press published the volume Extending the Borders of Russian History in 2003 in honor of Dr Rieber.

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