Ideology and Form in Eighteenth-Century Literature

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August 1999



A dozen renowned scholars discuss each other's work and attempt to come to terms with the central theoretical issues about which the discipline disagrees. Focusing primarily on Henry Fielding, the essays employ and defend positions within feminism, Marxism, Bourdelian analysis, queer theory, and cultural studies, along with a more theoretically savvy version of formalist criticism. In gathering together a dozen extraordinary essays from all regions of the ideological spectrum, this collection aspires to represent for the current decade what the Laura Brown/Felicity Nussbaum anthology The New Eighteenth Century was for the last decade: a sampler and emblem of where the intellectual currents of our time have taken the profession.


The Closing of Masterpiece Theater: Henry Fielding and the Valorization of Incoherence; David H. Richter Ideology and Literary Form: Novels at Work; Patricia Meyer Spacks replies Ideology and Literary Form in Fielding's Tom Jones; John Richetti Tom Jones: The Form in History; Ralph W. Rader Making Fielding's Novels Speak for Law and Order; Gerald J. Butler Closing Down the Theatre, and Other Critical Abuses; Carol Houlihan Flynn Jonathan Wild and True Crime Fiction; David H. Richter The Question of Ideological Form: Arthur Young, the Argricultural Tour, and Ireland; Ian Ferris Form as Meaning: Pope and the Ideology of the Couplet; J. Paul Hunter The Rules of the Game; Or, Why Neoclassicism Was Never an Ideology; Trevor Ross Desire and Mourning: The Ideology of the Elegy; George E. Haggerty Inchbald's A Simple Story: An Anti-Ideological Reading; Michael Boardman The Feminization of Ideology: Form and the Female in the Long Eighteenth Century; Laura Brown
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