Identity and Intolerance: Nationalism, Racism, and Xenophobia in Germany and the United States

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April 2002



This book provides a comparison of nationalism, racism, and xenophobia in Germany and the United States.


Introduction; Part I. Concepts of National Identity and the Symbolic Construction of Nations: 1. National identity and the conditions of tolerance; 2. The historical invention and modern reinvention of two national identities; 3. Segmented politics: xenophobia, citizenship, and political loyalty in Germany; 4. The discoursive construction of national stereotypes: collective imagination and racist concepts in Germany before World War I; 5. Integration and fragmentation discourses: demanding and supplying 'identity' in diverse societies; Part II. The Social and Cultural Practice of Racism: 6. Race, class, and Southern racial violence; 7. Racism and Empire: a perspective on a new era of American history; 8. Police, African Americans, and Irish immigrants in the nation's capital; 9. The politics of boycotting: experiences in Germany and the United States since 1880; 10. Jews and the German language; Part III. Race, Gender, Body, Biology: 11. Ambiguous roles: the racial factor in American womanhood; 12. Citizenship embodied: racialized gender and the construction of nationhood in the United States; 13. Body matters: race, gender, and perceptions of physical ability from Goethe to Weininger; 14. A horse breeder's perspective: scientific racism in Germany, 1870-1933; 15. The thin line between eugenics and preventive medicine.


'... it is a thought-provoking, accessible and well-written exercise.' Joseph M. Bradley, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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