Ideas for the Future of the International Monetary System

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Januar 1999



Approximately two years ago, the Guido Carli Association charged a group of distinguished economists with studying various aspects of the international monetary system and proposing ways to improve it. The studies were presented at a conference in Florence, Italy, on June 19, 1998 and their edited versions are published in this volume. Ideas for the Future of the International Monetary System consists of two parts: Part I contains the studies commissioned by the Carli Association - those by Dominick Salvatore; Koichi Hamada; Forrest Capie; Michele Fratianni, Andreas Hauskrecht and Aurelio Maccario; Jürgen von Hagen and Ingo Fender, Michael Artis, Marion Kohler and Jacques Mélitz; Barry Eichengreen; Michele Fratianni and Andreas Hauskrecht; Paolo Savona and Aurelio Maccario; and Elvio Dal Bosco - and the comments by Paul De Grauwe and William Branson, and the editors' conclusions. Part II contains three papers presented at the Florence conference, by Antonio Fazio, Carl Scognamiglio, and Alberto Predieri.


Editors' Preface; M. Fratianni,D. Salvatore, P. Savona. In Memory of Guido Carli; P. Savona. Part I: Papers by Working Group Members. International Monetary and Financial Arrangements: Present and Future; D. Salvatore. The Choice of International Monetary Regimes in a Context of Repeated Games; K. Hamada. Monetary Unions in Historical Perspective: What Future for the Euro in the International Financial System; F. Capie. Dominant Currencies and the Future of the Euro; M. Fratianni, et al. Central Bank Policy in a More Perfect Financial System; J. von Hagen, I. Fender. Comments on the Papers by Salvatore, Hamada, Capie, Fratianni et al, and Von Hagen and Fender; P. De Grauwe. Trade and the Number of OCAs in the World; M. Artis, et al. Exchange Rate Stability and Financial Stability; B. Eichengreen. From the Gold Standard to a Bipolar Monetary System; M. Fratianni, A. Hauskrecht. On the Relation between Money and Derivatives and its Application to the International Monetary Market; P. Savona, A. Maccario. Central Banks' Management of Foreign Exchange Reserves; E. dal Bosco. Comments on Papers by Mélitz, et al, Eichengreen, Fratianni and Hauskrecht, Savona and Maccario, and Dal Bosco; W.H. Branson. Ideas for the Future of the International Monetary System: Conclusions and Remarks; M. Fratianni, et al. Part II: Other Papers. The International Monetary System; A. Fazio. The International Monetary System in a Real Economy; C. Scognamiglio. Money Markets and Poliarchic Democratic States; A. Predieri.
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