Humanitarian Intervention: Ethical, Legal and Political Dilemmas

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September 2005



"The genocide in Rwanda showed us how terrible the consequences of inaction can be in the face of mass murder. But the conflict in Kosovo raised equally important questions about the consequences of action without international consensus and clear legal authority. On the one hand, is it legitimate for a regional organization to use force without a UN mandate? On the other, is it permissible to let gross and systematic violations of human rights, with grave humanitarian consequences continue unchecked?" (United Nations Secretrary-General Kofi Annan). This book is a comprehensive, integrated discussion of the dilemma' of humanitarian intervention. Written by leading analysts of international politics, ethics, and law, it seeks, among other things, to identify strategies that may, if not resolve, at least reduce the current tension between human rights and state sovereignty. Humanitarian Intervention is an invaluable contribution to the debate on all aspects of this vital global issue. J.L. Holzgrefe is a Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Political Science, Duke University. He is a former Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and visiting scholar at the Center of International Studies, Princeton University, the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, and elsewhere. He was educated at Monash University, Australia and Balliol College, Oxford. He has published on the history of international relations thought. Robert O. Keohane is James B. Duke Professor of Political Science, Duke University. He is interested in the role played by governance in world politics, and in particular on how international institutions andtransnational networks operate. He is the author of After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy (Princeton, 1984), for which he was awarded the second annual Grawemeyer Award in 1989 for Ideas Improving World Order. He is also the author of International I


Introduction Robert O. Keohane; Part I. The Context for Humanitarian Intervention: 1. The humanitarian intervention debate J. L. Holzgrefe; 2. Humanitarian intervention before and after 9/11: legality and legitimacy Tom J. Farer; Part II. The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention: 3. The liberal case for humanitarian intervention Fernando R. Teson; 4. Reforming the international law of humanitarian intervention Allen Buchanan; Part III. Law and Humanitarian Intervention: 5. Changing the rules about rules?: unilateral humanitarian intervention and the future of international law Michael Byers and Simon Chesterman; 6. Interpretation and change in the law of humanitarian intervention Thomas M. Franck; 7. Humanitarian intervention: incremental change versus codification Jane Stromseth; Part IV. The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention: 8. Political authority after intervention: gradations in sovereignty Robert O. Keohane; 9. State failure and nation-building Michael Ignatieff.


J. L. HOLZGREFE is a Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Political Science, Duke University ROBERT O. KEOHANE is James B. Duke Professor of Political Science, Duke University


'The papers in this volume offer an informative analysis of humanitarian intervention with real intellectual coherence. The interdisciplinarity of the contributions, the sensitivity to the phenomenon of weak states, and the recognition of the tensions between human rights and the war on terrorism, combine to make this book both timely and welcome' Charles R. Beitz, Princeton University 'This is a powerful and satisfying book. This superb set of essays provides a way to synthesize differing approaches from international law, moral philosophy and politics into a framework to deal with such complex and shattering events as Rwanda, Kosovo and the aftermath of September 11.' Antonia Chayes, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 'A learned and stimulating collection of very fine essays on the political, moral and legal aspects of humanitarian intervention.' Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard University 'Humanitarian intervention lies at the fault line between the international system's commitments to state autonomy and integrity and to the protection of human rights. These original essays are an important contribution to policy clarification and to scholarship.' W. Michael Reisman, Yale Law School 'For those wondering whether humanitarian intervention has a future after September 11, this outstanding collection is essential reading.' Nicholas J. Wheeler, University of Wales 'These essays illuminate the ethical, legal and political conditions under which humanitarian intervention can be justified, while revealing the dangers and complexities of such force.' Foreign Affairs 'Humanitarian Intervention comprises many nuanced debates and contrasting points of view that cannot be summarized in a short review. It is an excellent book and I recommend it highly to all those interested in humanitarianism.' International Affairs 'This anthology should set a standard because of its comprehensive treatment of the subject - among the most current and most controversial in international law - and because of obstacles to agreeing about legitimate intervention.' Library Journal 'This is an outstanding volume, rich in detail, commendable well referenced and very engaging.' Journal of Humanitarian Assistance 'Holzgrefe and Keohane have compiled a very readable, accessible and truly multi-disciplinary volume that both summarizes and spurs today's discussions about humanitarian intervention. ... the authors make cross-references to each other's views, turning the volume into a true unity without losing the diversity of opinions and perspectives on its topic.' Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management '... the book provides a comprehensive and important multidisciplinary debate on this contentious issue.' Common Law World Review 'The pooled efforts by these scholars converge to produce an instructive and multifaceted examination of humanitarian intervention.' Journal of Moral Philosophy 'What this volume does is provide a series of stimulating essays that permit the reader to weigh up the arguments for and against humanitarian intervention, and, as importantly, to gauge the current stage of the debate ... provides the reader with a spectrum of finely argued views.' Nigel White, Leiden Journal of International Law '... a rich, consistently well-written, series of articles dealing with humanitarian or human rights intervention. It is an important volume that will be valuable for scholars, students, and policy-makers alike.' International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
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