Human Interaction with Machines

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The International Workshop on "Human Interaction with Machines" is the sixth in a successful series of workshops that were established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Technische Universität Berlin. The goal of those workshops is to bring together researchers from both universities in order to present research results to an international community. The series of workshops started in 1990 with the International Workshop on "Artificial Intelligence" and was continued with the International Workshop on "Advanced Software Technology" in 1994. Both workshops have been hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 1998 the third wo- shop took place in Berlin. This International Workshop on "Communi- tion Based Systems" was essentially based on results from the Graduiertenkolleg on Communication Based Systems that was funded by the German Research Society (DFG) from 1991 to 2000. The fourth Int- national Workshop on "Robotics and its Applications" was held in Sha- hai in 2000. The fifth International Workshop on "The Internet Challenge: Technology and Applications" was hosted by TU Berlin in 2002.


Committee; Preface;
Reference Points for the Observation of Systems Behaviour, by Sebastian Bab, Bernd Mahr;
Efficient Text Categorization Using a Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machine, by Feng-Yao Liu, Kai-An Wang, Bao-Liang Lu, Masao Utiyama, Hitoshi Isahara;
A Self-healing Protocol Stack Architecture for Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, by André Metzner, Peter Pepper;
From Keyframing to Motion Capture, by Yan Gao, Lizhuang Ma, Xiaomao Wu, Zhihua Chen;
Multi-Modal Machine Attention: Sound Localization and Visual-Auditory Signal Synchronization, by Liqing Zhang;
A note on the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface, by K.-R. Müller, M. Krauledat, G. Dornhege, S. Jähnichen, G. Curio, B. Blankertz;
Segmentation of Brain MR Images Using Local Multi-Resolution Histograms, by Guorong Wu, Feihu Qi;
EMG-Driven Human Model for Orthosis Control, by Christian Fleischer, Günter Hommel;
Virtual Information Center for Human Interaction, by Fang Li, Hui Shao, Huanye Sheng;
Reduced Human Interaction via Intelligent Machine Adaptation, by Hermann Többen, Hermann Krallmann;
A Novel Watershed Method Using Reslice and Resample Image, by Shengcai Peng, Lixu Gu;
Stable Motion Patterns Generation and Control for an Exoskeleton-Robot, by Konstantin Kondak, Günter Hommel;
A Study on Situational Description in Domain of Mobile Phone Operation, by Feng Gao, Yuquan Chen, Weilin Wu, Ruzhan Lu;
Computer-Supported Decision Making with Object Dependent Costs for Misclassifications, by Fritz Wysotzki, Peter Geibel;
Robust Analysis and Interpretation of Spoken Chinese Queries, by Ruzhan Lu, Weilin Wu, Feng Gao, Yuquan Chen;
Development and Control of a Hand Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation, by Andreas Wege, Konstantin Kondak, Günter Hommel;
Automatically Constructing Finite State Cascades for Chinese Named Entity Identification, by Tianfang Yao;
Improving Information Retrieval by Concept-Based Ranking, by Martin Mehlitz, FangLi;
Liver Perfusion using Level Set Methods, by Sebastian Nowozin, Lixu Gu
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