Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems

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Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems, Second Edition provides in-depth information on current topics of major interest to speech application developers, and updates material from chapters that appeared in the previous edition. The first nine chapters of the book cover issues related to interactive voice response systems, including both mobile and multimodal device user interfaces as well as classic automated telephone systems. The remaining chapters cover special topics including synthetic speech and the design of speech applications to enhance accessibility to people with disabilities and the ever-growing population of older adults. Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems, Second Edition is a collection of applied research and scholarly synthesis contributions by seasoned professionals in the field that highlight continuing efforts to study human interaction with speech technologies.


Ivr Usability Engineering Using Guidelines And Analyses Of End-to-End Calls.- User Interface Design for Natural Language Systems: From Research to Reality.- Linguistics and Psycholinguistics in IVR Design.- Designing the Voice User Interface for Automated Directory Assistance.- Spoken Language Interfaces for Embedded Applications.- Speech Generation in Mobile Phones.- Voice Messaging User Interface.- Silence Locations And Durations In Dialog Management.- Using Natural Dialogs as the Basis for Speech Interface Design.- Telematics: Artificial Passenger and Beyond.- A Language to Write Letter-To-Sound Rules for English and French.- Virtual Sentences of Spontaneous Speech: Boundary Effects of Syntactic-Semantic-Prosodic Properties.- Text-To-Speech Formant Synthesis For French.- Accessibility And Speech Technology: Advancing Toward Universal Access.- Synthesized Speech Used For The Evaluation Of Children's Hearing And Speech Perception.


From the reviews of the second edition:"This book highlights the importance of human factors in speech technologies, mainly speech-enabled applications. ... The publication of this second edition shows the success of the former volume. ... the book contains unique chapters showing different topics in the field of human factors in speech research and technology. ... Hopefully, the contributions in this second edition will convince the readers that human factors in speech technology are of continued importance in building more effective and natural solutions for human-machine interaction." (Gábor Olaszy, The Phonetician, Vol. 96, 2007)
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