Human Error and System Design and Management

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Januar 2000



Human Error and System Design and Management contains a collection of contributions presented at an international workshop with the same name held from March 24-26, 1999 at the Technical University of Clausthal, Germany. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the results of a research project investigating the "Influences of Human-Machine-Interfaces on the Error-proneness of Operator Interaction with Technical Systems" in a broad context. Therefore experts from academia and industry were invited to participate so that practical as well as theoretical aspects of the subject matter were covered. Topics included recent considerations concerning multimedia and ecological interfaces as well as situation awareness.
This book contains the current thinking on this discussion and can be regarded as a supplement to engineers and researchers who are active in the area of human machine interfaces.


HCI in supervisory control: Twelve dilemmas.- Errors in situation assessment: Implications for system design.- Errors and error recovery.- Analysis and prediction of failures in complex systems: Models & methods.- Scenarios, function allocation and human reliability.- Experience feedback and safety culture as contributors to system safety.- Operator modelling and analysis of behavioural data in human reliability analysis.- Discussion session I.- A project overview.- Attributes of the interface affect fault detection and fault diagnosis in supervisory control.- Evaluation of interfaces by means of experiments: what's behind taxonomy?.- Human performance and interface-design - Some remarks based on experiments.- Putting the normative decision model into practice.- Discussion session II.- Multimedia interfaces and process control: The role of expressiveness.- Ecological interface design: Some premises.- Ecological interface design (EID) and the management of large numbers of intelligent agents.- Operator support in technical systems.- Interfaces for every day things.- Operator process interfaces - A retrospective view of the '90s.- Acceptance of new technology and layout in control rooms.- Advanced user interface design for aircraft cockpit devices.- AMEBICA - An auto adaptive multimedia environment based on intelligent collaborating agents.- Safety culture.- Study of errors by means of simulation and training.- Operator training and implication for the practice.- Function distribution between man and machine: Experiments performed in FANSTIC II.- Discussion Session V.
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