Housing in Late Antiquity: From Palaces to Shops

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Oktober 2007



This collection of papers, arising from the conference series Late Antique Archaeology, examines the housing in the late antique period, through thematic and regional syntheses, complemented by cases studies and two bibliographic essays.


List of Figures .. ix Acknowledgements .. xv
Late Antique Housing and the Uses of Residential Buildings: an Overview .. 1
Simon Ellis
Bibliographic Essays
Housing in Late Antiquity: Thematic Perspectives .. 25
Inge Uytterhoeven Housing in Late Antiquity: Regional Perspectives .. 67
Inge Uytterhoeven
Domus in Qua Manebat Episcopus: Episcopal Residences in Northern Italy during Late Antiquity (4th to 6th c. A.D.) .. 97
Yuri A. Marano Architecture and Church Power in Late Antiquity: Canosa and San Giusto (Apulia) .. 131
Guliano Volpe Episkopeia in Asia Minor .. 169
Burcu Ceylan
Other Thematic Studies
Private Space in Late Antique Cities: Laws and Building Procedures .. 197
Isabella Baldini Lippolis Public Use and Privacy in Late Antique Houses in Asia Minor: the Architecture of Spatial Control .. 239
Lale Ozgenel Shedding Light on Late Roman Housing .. 283
Simon Ellis
Regional Studies
The Urban Domus in Late Antique Hispania: Examples from Emerita, Barcino and Complutum .. 305
Alexandra Chavarria, Javier Arce and Gisela Ripoll Late Antique Domus in Africa Proconsularis: Structural and Decorative Aspects .. 337
Francesca Ghedini & Silvia Bullo Domus and Villa: Late Antique Housing in Carthage and its Territory .. 367
Jeremy Rossiter Cappadocia's Rock-Cut Courtyard Complexes: a Case Study for Domestic Architecture in Byzantium .. 393
Veronica Kalas
Recently Investigated Urban Houses
A Late Roman House at Eauze (Cieutat), France .. 417
Simon Esmonde Cleary The Palace of Theoderic at Ravenna: a New Analysis of the Complex .. 425
Andrea Augenti The Triconch Palace at Butrint: the Life and Death of a Late Roman Domus .. 455
William Bowden and John Mitchell The House of the Lycian Acropolis at Xanthos .. 475
Anne-Marie Maniere-Leveque Two Late Antique Residential Complexes at Sagalassos .. 495
Marc Waelkens et al. The Excavation of an Umayyad Period House at Pella in Jordan .. 515
Alan Walmsley
Index .. 523


Luke A. Lavan, Ph.D. (2001) in Archaeology, University of Nottingham is currently unemployed. His doctorate (2001) considered Provincial Capitals in Late Antiquity. He has edited conference volumes on late antique urbanism, the countryside and historical methodology, and is series editor of Late Antique Archaeology. Lale Ozgenel, Ph.D. (2000) in Architecture from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, teaches at Middle East Technical University , Department of Architecture. Her main research interest is ancient domestic architecture with a focus on gender, space and privacy in the Roman and late antique houses. Recent publications consider on late antique houses in Lycia. Since 2004 she works on the Goksu Archaeological Survey Project, in Turkey. Alexander Sarantis, Ph.D. (2006) in History at St. Anne's College, Oxford, works for the Central Administration of the University of Oxford. His interests encompass the history and archaeology of Late Antiquity, with a special focus on the society and economy of the East Roman provinces and imperial relations with the barbarian peoples within and beyond them. His doctorate explored The Balkans during the Reign of Justinian and he has recently authored articles on A.H.M. Jones and the Gepids.
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